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January 4, 2011

In a child’s eye

Since The Moment I layed Eyes On You,
I Have Fallen Deeply In Love.
All The Troubles In The World Disappear,
The Moment You Face Lights Up.
All I Want Is For You To Be Happy,
And Never Strive To Get By In Life.
I Want Nothing But The Worlds Magic,
Held Tightly In Your Grasp.
When I Look In Your Eyes Now,
As You Are Growing So Much.
I Can’t Help But See Happiness,
Everyone Smiles With You Baby.
None Can Hide Away,
You Make The World Laugh,
No Matter What War Is At Our Door.
And Someday You Will Sleep In Peace,
And Never Have To Worry.
All I Know Is There Is No Love,
Like The Love In A child’s Eyes.

Originally written by: Shanna Leigh Berry
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  1. jen_slater77 | Jun 23, 2009 | Reply

    As a mommy, this poem completely rings true that amazing love and protection you feel for your new child. And to think that love grows as they do:)

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