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July 7, 2008

Child Prostitutes Use Craigslist

We are truly reaching a very low point in the technology age. Child prostitutes are selling themselves on Craigslist. How depressing is that. These young children are posting advertisements on Craigslist, some of which are barely over ten years old. They are runaways, children living in poverty stricken homes and girls that are misguided and searching for some form of love.

Some of the young girls are forced into this life by pimps but some of them just want to be loved and feel special. Ads can be posted for free, several ties a day. Even though Craigslist warns against human trafficking, the ads are still posted. Since Craigslist is a posting site the ads are not monitored and people have to report outlawed ads in order for them to be taken down.

While I understand this, I think that Craigslist should be monitored. You have to have some rules when you are dealing with the Internet. It is our responsibility to make sure that children are safe and Craigslist would not be blocked by most parental software because it is not inherently a site the requires that you are over 18. That means that someone has to be in charge of stopping kids from being hurt.

Police in San Francisco are working hard to move the emphasis from the girls to the pimps. They want to get the girls help and put the men that are using them to make money in jail for a long time. Parents are often clueless that their children are into this type of activity because the child has either run away or is very secretive about want is going on.

The Internet is a great tool but parents need to really pay attention to what children are doing on it. I don’t know if my child would be able to just freely surf the Internet. There are just too many dangerous things out there and no way to really police or protect kids. Police in 30 different cities in the States are working to stop child prostitution on the Internet. I commended these police forces for taking charge and working to end this abomination. Someone must protect the children.

The prostitution services are listed under the “Erotic Services”. Craigslist contends that child prostitution would be an even bigger problem if that category did not exist. The claim is that then the postings would appear all throughout the site. While I think that there should be some responsibility on the part of Craigslist, legally, there really isn’t. This is why I think that we need to create new rules that apply to the Internet. Rules that apply to other situations can not be used for Internet crimes. We have a new medium that needs to be policed and there have to be new rules for that.

The other side of the coin is what the heck is happening to young girls that they want to, or have to become prostitutes anyway? There is something wrong with society and we need to at least try to fix some of those issues along with policing the Internet.

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