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March 26, 2009

Chantelle Steadman and Alfie Patten – 15 year old mom and 13 year old father of baby Maisie: Shocking news takes a shocking turn … Story Continues

Here it is: the promised, anticipated Alfie Patten update! For those unfamiliar with Alfie Patten, a quick review: He is a 13 year-old boy in England who was revealed to be the father of a newborn baby girl, Maisie; the mother is Chantelle, 15. Obviously because of Alfie’s very young age, this story was quite spectacular; people blamed their parents, the media, society, (basically everyone but THEM). Shortly after the initial story broke, more boys came forward claiming to “possibly” be the father; people began to speculate that Chantelle had been pressured by her parents to name Alfie as the father, to gain media attention and hopefully some money. We’ve been waiting for Alfie to take his DNA test and release the results; the wait is over!

The news broke today that the DNA test has shown that Alfie Patten, 13, is NOT the father of Chantelle’s newborn baby girl. As of this writing, it has not been revealed who is the father, although as many as three other boys have claimed possible paternity. Apparently, Chantelle had been told by her mother to tell Alfie she was a virgin; poor, hapless Alfie had been under the impression that he was the only one she had been with. I can’t help but feel sorry for him, with the whole world knowing that his girlfriend has been unfaithful to him. He must feel so humiliated, not to mention used and mistreated.

What is to become of Chantelle now? She is 15, apparently unable to keep her legs together or properly use birth control, and now has a baby with (currently) an unidentified father. The world now knows that she is not only premiscuous, but a liar as well. Who will believe anything she says now? She swore up and down that she lost her virginity to Alfie, that she loved him and he was the only one she had slept with; however, we now know this is not true. While I’m sure the media will continue to follow her, at least until the father is identified, she probably won’t be able to count on the cash-cow she had hoped. She will be another 15-year-old girl with a baby to look after, trying to find a way to support them both.

As much as Alfie is a victim of Chantelle’s lies and behaviour, it is baby Maisie who is the real victim here. Here auspicious entrance into the world has included newspaper spreads, rumours and gossip about her mother’s extra-curriculars with half the boys in town, a world-wide finger-pointing party, and constant speculation about what kind of life she will lead. None of what has happened has been her fault, and yet she will be the one who suffers. Thanks to her mother’s desires (and apparently, grandmother’s desires) for undeserved money and attention has left Maisie a symbol for the direction our society is taking: Rather than stepping up taking responsibility for having an unplanned child at such a young age, this baby has been whored around the world by the person who is supposed to protect her and care for her. This baby was supposed to be her mother’s “ticket” into the big-time, with magazine interviews and a steady stream of income.

With so many people in the world struggling to get pregnant, people like Chantelle make me sick. A baby is a precious gift, something to be cared for and loved, not used to make money and make a name for yourself. Chantelle is a deceitful young woman without any common sense or priorities; she ought to be ashamed of herself, but I’m sure she won’t be. Instead, I’m sure she’ll continue to soak up whatever attention (and money) she can get for herself, until the next patsy comes along.

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