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February 18, 2011

Sex Sell, Even Hannah Montana Knows That

A huge controversy was sparked by provocative pictures of Miley Cyrus, otherwise known as Hannah Montana. So the 15 year old phenom, although I can’t really recall exactly what it is that she is so phenomenal at, is caught up in a “scandal” over photos of her in Vanity Fair. People are outraged by the […]

January 23, 2011

The Half Full Sieve – review of Lotus Child band

Montreal got a rare treat tonight. See, for the past couple of years, catchy piano-driven power pop numbers have been drifting across the ether, emanating from Vancouver. And tonight, fans in Montreal were able to catch a glimpse of the source: Lotus Child played a humble crowd at Petit Campus. For some time now Lotus […]

January 6, 2011

Square Enix`s Kingdom Hearts II – The Battle Rages On

As if we thought Kingdom Hearts couldn’t get any better, it did! With the release of Square Enix’s Most anticipated game of 2006. Although the game was scheduled to release in 2003, shortly after the release of the second installment of the Kingdom Hearts trilogy Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories in 2002, it was well […]