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December 5, 2008

Casey Anthony in Custody, Again

Casey Anthony, the Florida woman who’s daughter went missing in June, but was not reported missing until July, is in custody for a second time. This time the charges have to do with forgery and writing bad checks.

Casey Anthony has been under suspicion since the story about Caylee, her daughter broke. The fact that the woman did not report the little girl missing until a month later is not even the biggest problem with the scenario. The evidence of human decomposition in the trunk of her car and the inconsistencies in her story continue to point towards her being the chief suspect in her daughter’s disappearance.

Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother and Caylee’s grandmother told the police that Casey’s trunk smelled like a dead body had been in it. This, coming from the suspects mother is pretty damning evidence in my book. Not to mention, I think that locking someone up for simply not reporting their child missing for a month is perfectly fine. Why there was a bond set and Casey Anthony was released if beyond me.

It must be hard for Cindy Anthony to accept the fact that her daughter, someone that she raised, has done something wrong to her granddaughter. She appears to still be in denial about the whole situation but she is coming to understand a few things. Before Friday, Cindy Anthony said she had “high hopes” that her granddaughter was still alive. After Friday, she admitted that those hopes were somewhat diminished.

The problem with this case moving forward is that there is no body. This little girl was most likely murdered and the murderer, as cunning as they seem to be, has hidden her body very well. This is a terrible case that will not have a happy ending, even after justice is done. Of course Casey Anthony has pleaded not guilty but the evidence is mounting up. What will it take for this woman to come clean?

Other evidence that points towards Casey Anthony being the woman that caused little Caylee Anthony to disappear. Before Caylee was born, her mother tried to do the right thing and give her up for adoption. However, Cindy Anthony would not let Casey do that. Casey, who is now 22 seems to be at best and unstable person. Initially when her face was shown on television she appear without affect. This woman was not showing the signs of a person who’s child was missing.

No one has been able to locate this little girl. Casey Anthony, who got pregnant at 19 wanted to give her up for adoption. She obviously did not want to be a mother and was trying to do the right thing. The fact that her mother stopped her is such a shame. Someone could be loving and taking care of this little girl who was not even allowed to see her fourth birthday. I would how Cindy Anthony feels about forcing her unstable daughter to keep this baby? Hopefully Casey Anthony will remain in custody this time for good.

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