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January 27, 2011

Cards in my wallet!

Today I have opened my wallet and suddenly one thing pinged in my mind and that is to count the total number of cards in it! Well, I have counted that I have eighteen cards in total in my wallet. The types of cards include one provincial health care card, one social insurance card, three bank cards (for ATM), two credit cards, one hotel membership card, one airmiles card, one aero plan card, one save on more card,  one bus pass, one student ID card, one driving license card and several others cards! My point is, as an ordinary person why I have to carry these many cards? Hypothetically, if there are one million (in realty thirty million) people in Canada that means there are approximately eighteen million cards moving around in wallet! I am wondering why our technology experts do not instigate a system so that all those cards’ information could be put into a unique card. This innovative system will significantly reduce the burden of carrying so many cards in our wallet and reduce waste production!

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