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July 15, 2008

Canadian Foot Mystery Continues

While authorities still do not know who the feet belong to that have washed up on the shores of British Columbia, they are weeded out who they do not belong to. So far they have gone through 130 of 243 missing person files. They have also discovered that two of the five feet belong to the same man and the foot that washed up on shore May 22nd was that of a woman. The clues that are being used to track down more information about the feet are the shoes that the feet were housed in. The police have also come out and said that these feet were disconnected from the bodies through decomposition.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are working hard to gather information about these feet but feet are a tough job. They just don’t give you that much to go on. Unless the people had had some type of surgery or have some abnormal about their feet, it seems that it would be extremely difficult to figure out who the belong to. I supposed that finding out that two feet belong to on person is encouraging in some ways. That means that the number of bodies that need to be recovered is smaller than it could be. I guess it would also mean that this body might be somewhere close? Maybe? I mean if the feet floated to a common area I would assume that the body was somewhere around. Unless someone took the body and disposed of the feet in the water? Well, that is the best amateur sleuth detecting I can do. Thank goodness I am not a police officer.

The first foot appeared near Jedidiah Island on the 20th of August last year. It was housed in a Campus brand size 12(it is believed) running shoe with blue mesh and was produced in 2003 and primarily sold in India. The second foot washed up on Gabriola Island on a walking trail. It too was a size 12 and was in a white Reebok shoe that was made in 2004 and sold around the world. This shoes has since been discontinued.

The third foot showed up on Valdez Island and it was a size 11 blue and white Nike running shoe. It was introduced in 2003 and sold in both Canada and the United States from February 1rst to June 30th of that year. On May 22nd of this year a fourth foot was discovered in Kirkland Island. It was a size 7 New Balance running shoe that came out in 1999. This was the shoe, and foot, that belonged to a woman. The fifth foot turned up June 16th and was later determined to be the mate to the third foot that was found in February.

Well, the clues are not much to go on. All of the shoes were running shoes and only the feet have shown up so far. Hopefully new developments will lead to the discovery of who these people were. It is kind of sad to think that whoever they were, they have not been that missed by anyone.

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