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March 4, 2011

California Allowing Same Sex Marriages?

The debate about same sex marriage raged for years and then it seemed like it quieted down a bit. However, it was only quiet I suppose for those of us that it does not affect. It seems that those that want their same sex unions recognized as marriages have never stopped fighting.

I don’t see what the big deal is. If people want to get married, let them get married. Same sex marriages do not do anything to harm my way of life. Since I am not gay, I really don’t even think that my opinion should be used to make any decisions on the matter. It is a non-issue for me and I can’t really understand why some people are so strongly against same sex marriages. I mean, we all know that there are same sex couples in the world. Some of them want to get married just as heterosexual couples want to get married. The concept is not that hard to grasp.

Finding a mate is an extremely tough chore. If you find someone that you love and feel that you can spend the rest of your life with them, go for it. Whatever type of package that person comes in does not matter. What matters is that the union is a happy and healthy one. If you can achieve those things, marry and live out your days in marital bliss, regardless of gender. I of course, a, familiar with the problems that most people see with gay marriage. They think that if it is legal children will not be able to grasp the concept of what a same sex couple means. Or that homosexuality will spread like it is a contagious disease. Then there are those bible thumping people that think that a man and woman are the only entities that can be in a marriage. Maybe they are right, maybe they aren’t, really it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that law have been keeping people that want to be together from getting married. It is time for that to end.

So the ruling will be announced on Thursday and California may become the second state to offer same sex marriages. Massachusetts started allowing same sex marriages in 2004. Very few states have been moving in that direction but California, home to San Francisco, a city that has long been popular with same sex couples, has pushed the issue forward out west.

No matter what the ruling is same sex couples will still exist. So why not make it official? Let people get married and stop holding them back and punishing them for someone else’s hang ups. Once same sex marriage has been legalized everywhere it will soon be just like any other marriage. We won’t even care about same sex marriage ten years after it is legalized everywhere. Think about interracial marriage. It used to be illegal and couples were hunted down for such crimes. Now interracial marriage does not turn heads the way it used to. Sure you still get a few of the “good ole” boys that balk at it but for the most part, who cares? Let people enjoy their lives the way that they want to.

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