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February 9, 2011

Calgary Flames Burn San Jose Sharks

Last night I was exhausted and really in need of sleep after a long weekend, but Calgary was playing, so there was no way I was going to sleep. The game began at ten for me and since I have to be up at six, I was unsure if I was going to be able to watch it all. But as always, the game was so darn exciting I was able to stay up to watch it all and had trouble getting to sleep after it was over. The adrenaline was that strong.

The Calgary Flames came back to bet the San Jose Sharks after going down 3-0 before the four minute mark of the first period. Kipper wasn’t having a great game but the team looked sluggish and unprepared. Mike Keenan, who is always prepared and intense it seems, acted quickly, much to the dismay of Kiprusoff. Curtis Joseph came in to relieve Kiprusoff after the third goal was scored. The Sea of Red was quiet and it looked really bad for the Flames. Then they began to play like the team that has a good chance of winning the Cup.

The San Jose Sharks were the best team in the West in the second half of the season. They looked unstoppable in most of their games and their star players really started to come alive. However, the Sharks do not seem to be able to play at the level that it will take to be highly successful in the playoffs. Yes, they did beat the Flames in the second game of the series but the fact that they were not able to fuel momentum and hold on or increase a 3-0 lead in the next game, raises questions about the Sharks.

Curtis Joseph, a goaltender who was passed over and neglected by a couple of other NHL teams, came in and held his ground. The Flames did a good job protecting the goal and giving Cujo support but Joseph made the tough saves when the good shots came. It was great to see Joseph come in and prevent the Sharks from scoring any more goals. It was also wonderful to see the Flames fight their way back into the game and win it in regulation.

However, while San Jose may lag after a lead and not be able to hold momentum, there are a couple of other teams in the league that don’t have that problem. I’ve been watching all of the series and just about every series is up for grabs. Teams have to come out and play sixty minutes every night if they hope to win in the playoffs. The Flames were able to comeback and beat the Sharks but it is not wise to get behind, especially in the first few minutes of a game, 3-0.

The Flames have all of the credentials necessary to bring the Stanley Cup to Calgary this year. They are a diehard, tough spirited team that can match wits with any of the other teams that are in the playoffs. With Keenan at the helm and their mix of experience, strength and youth, the Flames can win it all and what would be more fitting for the impressive Sea of Red that packs the Saddledome?

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