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February 13, 2011

Calgary Flames and Washington Capitals See Their Seasons End

Last night was quite a bummer. Two teams that I was hoping would forge further into the playoffs, saw the season end. I guess it was fun while it lasted and both teams will probably make a few changes to make their playoff run extend a little further next season. Regardless, I will admit, it was a little bit depressing to see the Flames and the Caps lose last night.

So what caused these losses? In the case of the Flames, it was not being able to counter after the Sharks scored a few goals. The teams was in it after San Jose scored the first goal and Iginla scored seconds later. They were still in it after the Sharks took a 3-2 lead but somehow, after that happened, you could feel the tides change in the game. One of the biggest differences between the Sharks and the Flames is secondary scoring. You need those guys on the third and fourth line to give you some goals. The Flames had trouble getting that scoring all throughout the series.

The Washington Capitals lost in overtime and it was a heartbreaker. Those guys worked so hard to get into the playoffs and it would have been great to see them make it to the second round. Of course, the Flyers put on a decent show at the end of the season and played well in the series. The Caps can be proud of what they did this season.

So now the playoffs move into the second round with only one Canadian team left. The Canadiens will have the backing of an entire country, for the most part, hopefully, as they move to the second round. I am very excited about all of the teams that are in the second round. I think that nothing but great hockey is head of us.

I am going to make the call now that the Sharks are going to win the Cup. They just have too many weapons in my opinion and when the entire team steps up, they are a very well oiled machine. I was rather impressed with Jeremy Roenick who was a scratch in game six. To see him come out and force the issue after being taken out of the line up was impressive.

Of course the other teams that are still in the playoffs will have something to say about that. The Red Wings will be able to challenge but I don’t think that they will be able to overtake the Sharks. Montreal will be a trying opponent but youth may come back to bite them in the butt. The Rangers are good but I think they will fall short when it comes to offense. The Flyers have nothing to lose at this point, which may allow them to play loose and surprise us. Dallas is well put together but a little inconsistent at times. All of the teams that are left in the playoffs have a chance to go all of the way and all of them have a weakness. The teams that are able to exploit their opponents flaws will be victors.

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