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January 11, 2011

Calgary Flames` Jarome Iginla Is The Total Package

If you are a hockey fan, no matter what team you love, I think that watching Jarome Iginla play has got to put a smile on your face. I know that there is an abundance of talent in hockey these days and a lot of teams and players that put on great shows, but Iginla is one of the most skilled players in the NHL. But it is not just skill that makes him so great because many players are skilled. It is his ability to rally the team, fight through the tough times, score goals, set up other players to score goals and after all of that, give a genuine smile for the camera.

Jarome Iginla tends to stand out from the pack when it comes to captains. In the first minute of the Flames-Stars game Iginla dropped his gloves and fought Steve Ott and I thought, “Oh what a joy to have a captain that is not afraid to do the dirty work!” Throughout the game I watched Ott and Iginla battle for position and tousle with one another. Ott, who is a great agitated did a great job trying to throw Iginla off of his game. Or so it seemed. In the dying minutes of the game Iginla scored the game winning goal. It was like Iginla took the agitation of Ott and used it to fuel his desire to defeat and Stars and stay above water in the playoff hunt. This guy is the total package when it comes to hockey players and the Calgary Flames are reaping the benefits of this born leader.

Jarome Iginla could have moved on from the Flames the last time his contract was up but he chose to stay. He could have easily moved to another team that played in a division that was…well, a little less tough, because let’s be honest here, all divisions are not created equal, but he stuck around. When Calgary was playing pretty good hockey and not making it to the playoffs and not winning as many games as they probably should have, Jarome Iginla was in the thick of it, positive, ready to play and loyal to his team. If you watch Calgary play, which if you love hockey, you ought to try to catch as many Flames games as you can, Iginla is persistent when it comes to goal scoring and feisty when it come to the physical stuff.

I watch hockey everyday, unless it is one of those rare days when there are no games on. I paid a lot of money for the cable hockey package because I just can’t get enough of the sport. However, there are some nights and some games that I half watch because they aren’t that exciting. I love it when there is a Calgary Flames game on because I know that Jarome Iginla is bringing his best to the game and his entire team is going to feed off of that.

The intensity that Jarome Iginla brings to the game is great for the Flames and hockey in general. If ESPN had been showing Calgary Flames games a couple of years ago, maybe they would still be broadcasting the NHL. Iginla is a special player that represents what hockey is all about both on and off the ice. I wish that I heard more about him instead of guys that go out and do stupid things like cheap shot another player.

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