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July 7, 2008

Bush The War Monger Set To Strike Again?

I read a report that really, truly scares my soul. It is reported that the Bush administration which has launched an endless war in Iraq is ready to start a war in Iran. I hope that these rumors are simply not true. Surely there is someone in the administration that is smart enough o recognize the fact that a new war just would not be good for anyone in the world.

The reasons for attacking Iran are not strong enough. I can not imagine that because Iran will allow access to information regarding their nuclear program that their country needs to be attacked. Will the U.S. really attack Iran because of this? I would hope that someone was smart enough to stand up and tell the Bush administration that another war would not only thin out our taxed military but it also would tie the country into another war in a land the we are not familiar with. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been waged in regions where the residents are not sure if they are happy or not about the foreign presence.

At some point world leaders are going to have to recognize the power of talking to one another. Dead bodies and destroyed cities and towns does not make the world a better place. Instead, war makes the entire planet a worst place. Someone has to find a way to stop acting before speaking.

The U.S. says that there are no plans to attack Iran. Hopefully that is the truth and world leaders will be able to come together and talk things out. Recently North Korea decided to declare what was happening in their nuclear program and they recently destroyed their reactor. I don’t know what prompted that but I imagine it was the reason why might be that they need help from the rest of the world. North Korea needs food and aide from other countries in the world. Thus, they decided to give up the reactor.

There is speculation that Iran is helping launch attacks on U.S. soldiers in Iraq. The U.S. ambassador in Baghdad denies that raids are being launched by the U.S. on Iran from Iraq. Bush continues to say that every option is available when it comes to dealing with Iran. However, those involved in the Iraq mission claim that attacks are not being planned or launched from Iraq or Afghanistan. I hope that those claims are true.

Like I’ve stated before, deciding that one country can have nuclear reactors and others can not is very tricky business. Is it appropriate for the country that has nuclear reactors to tell another country that they can not have one? This is a good question that has sparked controversy throughout the world. While I am in favor of peace and harmony, I also understand fairness. Wish that no one had nuclear weapons, but if one person does, what makes it inappropriate for others to not have them? Those are questions that, I guess, have no right answers.

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