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June 6, 2008

Bush Misrepresented Information To Build Case To Invade Iraq

This story falls into the “Well, duh!” category. President Bush misrepresented secret intelligence information to create a case to invade Iraq. That is what the Senate Intelligence Committee has come up with. Of course, I didn’t have to be on any committee to know that this was the case.

It is obvious what happened, in fact, it isn’t even a good plan but for some reason it worked. Bush for whatever reasons, if you ask me, oil was the case, decided that attacking Iraq was thee thing to do. He decided this even though there was no reason to believe that the man he said the United States military was looking for, bin Laden was in Iraq. There was also no evidence to indicate that anyone in Iraq had anything to do with the September 11th attacks. So, my question, when I heard that the U.S. was going to invade Iraq, was why?

Five years later, with thousands of troops dead and an endless war raging, this report comes out. Of course, the lack of weapons of mass destruction was a clue. Then the fact that after the weapons of mass destruction were not discovered there was no war strategy or plan, was another hint that the war had been waged on false pretenses.

Bush preyed on the fears and misconceptions of his nation. A man that said things like “The Axis of Evil” was in charge of an entire country that was terrified after the first terrorist attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. No one felt safe and there was great fear in the air. An oil hungry man with a vice president eager for more business, as in the massive amount of contractors he is responsible for, decide to take a chance. He dangled a country full of non-Christian, darker skinned people in front of the United States and many people fell for it.

So, everyone lied to us but really, why did so many people believe the lies? The information that the United States government was giving did not make much sense. Taking the “War Against Terror” to a place in the world that had not played a part in the terrorism that the United States had faced was just plain strange. The fact that there was so much support for the war in the beginning was very interesting. It showed how much the general public was really paying attention to the rest of the world.

What does this report mean? Well, at this point it does not mean anything in terms of the war being over or finding a direction. However, it does show how careful we must be when listening to what government has to say. Over the past four years distrust for the government and disdain for the president of the United States has increased drastically. People that once trusted whatever decision the government made are now questioning every move. This report should be a reminder that average everyday people must take an interest in the world around them and know what is going on.

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