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August 10, 2008

Bombs Go Off in Istanbul

Two explosions went off in Istanbul killing thirteen people and injuring about 70. The bombs were in garbage bins and happened in the Gungoren district. They went off around ten p.m. local time.

Initially it was thought that it might be a gas leak but it soon become apparent that this was no gas leak. The Governor Muammer Guler was quick to call this a terrorist attack. About a 1000 people were in the area when the bombs went off. The area is very popular with locals. At this time no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Of course, Turkey is no stranger to terrorist attacks. Over the past few years Istanbul has been targeted by several different groups.

Kurdish rebels have carried out some attacks in the city over the past couple of years. Usually their attacks take place at tourist sites. This particular attack was not carried out at a place where a good number of tourist would have been. Al-Qaeda also has been linked to attacks in Istanbul. In November 2003 60 plus people were killed when a number of suicide bombings went off in the area.

The world is not a safe place and hatred seems to be spreading rapidly. The bombs that went off in India and the ones in Istanbul were minor attacks when it comes to terrorists. If these attacks had been carried out by terrorist groups that had more power, they probably would have been more substantial. That means that more people are jumping on the hate bandwagon.

As the world becomes increasingly more dangerous, people must be more aware. It is never a good thing to live in fear and I am not suggesting that, but I guess we all have to be suspicious of certain things. It is such a shame to have to live in this way but people are dying far too frequently from random bombings. Innocent people are dying for no reason at all.

Of course, the question of what to look for always comes up. What does someone that wants to bomb you look like? That is a very good question that just does not have an answer. The face of someone that wants to bomb others to death could look like your next door neighbor. Or your best friend. You just can not be sure. There is no definitive profile for a person that has those type of thoughts on their mind.

The people in the area where the bombs went off were mostly out taking an evening stroll. It was a warm day in Istanbul and the chance to get out and get some fresh air looked like great idea. No one should have to lose their life just because they were taking stroll. There is something so devastating about that.

As far as catching the actual people that set these bombs, good luck. Unfortunately there are so many different hate groups around, the all seem to mix and blur. The individuals become one big machine of hate that has no singular name or face. The actual killers will probably never be caught.

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