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June 17, 2008

Betty Neumar – Five Dead Husband For One Woman

Betty Neumar is either really unlucky or she’s a murderer. This woman has been married five times and each time her husbands have ended up dying. I am no genius but I have to think that a couple of them died from something other than natural causes. After years of allegedly getting away with murder, Betty Neumar has finally been charged with solicitation of murder.

Harold Gentry died in July 1986, almost twenty years ago. His brother urged investigators to take a closer look at Neumar but the police did not take him serious. Not only did Stanly County, North Carolina not believe Harold Gentry’s brother, they also make have ignored a person that came in and told cops he was a potential hit man for Neumar.

Due to the long period of time between the death of Harold Gentry and the actual charges, the detective that handles the case is dead and another former county sheriff that would have info on the case is recovering from a stroke. That means that valuable evidence may be lost forever.

Neumar has been married five times and most of the times her husbands died of guns shot wounds. Her last husband has sepsis listed as his cause of death on the death certificate, however, authorities are now looking to see if the cause was something else, such as arsenic poisoning. She also moved on to other towns after her husbands’ died. She first married in the 1950’s in Ohio.

All of the men that Neumar married had military experience and it seems that she had a way of driving a wedge between close families. Detective Scott Williams is now investigating the case. In his review of Neumar’s previous marriages, some very interesting information has turned up. Neumar’s first two husbands lived and died in Ohio in 1952 and 1955. Her third husband died in Florida of a gun shot wound that was stated to be self inflicted. However, Neumar was in the room at the time of Richard Sills’ death. Then she married Harold Gentry who also died of a gun shot wound in 1986. Three years after Gentry’s death she married John Neumar who died in October.

It seems so odd to me that the fact that her husbands all died of unnatural deaths was not picked up on before hand. Not to mention, it is difficult to find one person you want to marry, let alone five. That in itself seems suspicious to me. It s going to be extremely difficult to track down information about the deaths of Neumar’s first two husbands that died in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Now that the authorities are on to her twisted game I hope that anyone that knows what she has done comes forward. John Neumar has a daughter with this potential black widow. If this woman knows something, as painful as it will be, let’s hope that she is strong enough to come forward and accuse her mother of murder for her father’s sake.

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