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July 16, 2008

Betty Johnson Neumar Black Widow Loved Money

Betty Johnson Neumar told her grandson Jeff Carstensen that she was going to buy a 100,000 life insurance policy on him. She was going to be the beneficiary of policy. It was common place, in people of their stature to do such things. She told him that if anything happened to him he would be able to take care of her. Luckily the grandson was very suspicious of the suggestion.

Good thing that her grandson was suspicious. If he had gone along with his grandmother’s suggestion he probably would not have been alive to tell his story. Betty Johnson Neumar the 76 year old grandmother is now in a North Carolina jail for hiring a hit man to kill her fourth husband Harold Gentry.

Neumar is being investigated in the deaths of four of her five husbands and her first child. Motives have not been discussed yet but it indicates that Neumar was obsessed with money. In 1986 she collected 20,000 when Harold Gentry was shot to death in his home. When her son died she got 10,000 in life insurance. Husband number five, John Neumar who died of sepsis, according to his death certificate, may have been poisoned.

The family says that Betty was a nice lady who was into church and beauty shops. However, the long list of dead men in her history indicates something different. Not only that, she moved from the place where her husbands died every time they passed away. This is what made her murdering spree hard to trace.

Betty was born in 1931 in Ironton, a small Ohio town close to the West Virginia border. In 1950 she entered into her first marriage with Clarence Malone who allegedly beat her. There son Gary as born in 1952. In 1970 Malone was shot in the back of the head outside of his auto shop. There was no sign of robbery and his death was ruled a homicide.

James Flynn was Betty’s second husband and he died on a pier in New York. This husband is not thought to have been murdered. However, her third husband, Richard Sills was found dead in an apartment in the Florida Keys in 1965. His death was initially ruled a suicide but the case is now reopened.

Betty also was able to quickly recover from the deaths of her husbands, always ready to remarry after just a short while. After Sills died, Betty was able to remarry just three years later. That was when she met Neumar. During her marriage to Neumar Betty was able to persuade 200 people to invest in a get-rich quick scheme in the 1990’s. For every $100 dollars that people were supposed to get up to $100,000.

Apparently Betty Johnson Neumar had a thing for money. She not only got money from insurance policies from her late husbands, she also tricked several people into making investments that yielded no returns. John Neumar was worth over $300,000 dollars when Betty married him but had to file bankruptcy a few year ago.

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