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September 4, 2008

Still Time To Get That Beach Body You Want

Even though June is almost here there is still time for you to get the body you want for summer. Sure, it may seem like summer is too close for you to make a difference but if you get going today, you could be down about ten pounds by the first week in July. If you are lucky and diligent about your workouts and eating plan you could be down more, but ten pounds is optimum for five weeks.

This year spring time has been slow to come in many places. Cooler days and snow well into what many of us would consider early spring has thrown many people off of their typical weight loss regiments. Now that the sun is starting to shine more and the days are getting brighter and longer many of us want that extra flab gone.

If you are like most people you probably gain a little bit of weight during the winter. Even those of us that workout on a regular basis tend to pack on an additional five pounds when we are hibernating in the winter. Motivate yourself to get that weight off by getting out in the and realizing that there are tons of other things to do beside going to get ice cream on hot days.

If you are in relatively good shape and are healthy, consider taking up tennis. If you have never played before, give yourself time to build up to actual matches. Start out with a buddy who is in a similar stage of tennis ignorance and start hitting a few balls. As you improve your swing you will be able play longer and start engaging in matches. You will watch your middle whittle away in no time. Tennis is great because you will have to use just about every muscle in your body to play it. Your arms, legs, abs and butt will all thank you after they get over the burn.

Team sports are another way to get off some unwanted pounds. Join a softball team or soccer league. Making exercise fun is a great way for you to get it a strenuous workout. Get into the game and the time will pass without you realizing that you have been getting a serious workout.

Walk as much as you can. Lifting weights, running taking aerobic classes and all of that stuff is great but walking is an easy to do, no pressure exercise. Take a few good healthy walks with friends or children. Invite friends to the park for a walk instead of going out to lunch. Simple walks are a great way to stay on top of you weight.

Cook instead of dining out. Fruits and vegetables are vital and should be added to every meal you eat. Add tomato and cilantro to your egg beater omelet. Use real herbs and spices instead of salt to season your food. Sodium is a major culprit in weight loss stagnation and all of those salty seasonings will negatively affect your weight. Go for the real stuff and enhance the flavor of your food and avoid unwanted bloating.

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