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February 18, 2011

Barbara Walters Gets On The Affair Bandwagon

Today I read about Barbara Walters having an affair with a married man. I said, “Oh.” and moved on to the next news story. It seems that affairs are more of the normal than the exception. It is rather disconcerting for someone like me that would like to marry. I wonder if there are any people left that truly respect marriage and are honest with one another.

Walters said that she had an affair with Massachusetts Senator Edward Brooke for several years in the 1970’s. I do wonder if Walters let Brooke know that she was going to let their secret out before she told the world. Of course, it was her secret to tell as well as it was his, I just wonder if she gave him a heads up.

I am neither shocked nor disappointed or any of those things that people say when they hear about someone in the media that has had an affair. In fact, I really don’t feel one way or another about Walters having an affair, I mean, honestly, everyone’s doing it, it seems and Walters is human just like the rest of us. Love and infatuation can strike at the strangest moments and it can lead us down the darkest or lightest paths. I tend to refrain from harsh judgment when it comes to matters of the heart but there is a thing called truth and I think that it works better than a lie.

However, I do wonder why Walters chose to tell the world about this affair that happened in the 1970’s. She obviously got away with it and although I can understand the need to confess and tell someone about a past wrong, I wonder why Walter wanted that someone to be everyone? God friends, a trusted priest, I don’t know, I guess I would probably want to go a more private route with my revelation.

Perhaps it is living in the public eye that makes someone like Walters, a career television journalist; want to share this secret with everyone. It is rather fitting that someone that has spent decades working to discover the secrets of others reveals a huge secret about themselves to the very public that respects and knows them to be the secret revealer. Of course, like one that is very familiar with secrets, Walters chose the place and the time to reveal her secret which makes the revelation her own choice, opposed to having someone else drag her dirty laundry out for everyone to see.

And where is the best place to reveal something if you want everyone to know about it? The Oprah Winfrey Show. If you are looking for a huge audience, tell a secret on he Oprah Winfrey Show and everyone will know it within hours. Walters was interviewed by Oprah and even though the show has not aired yet, the news is out.

I don’t believe that this revelation will hurt Walters’s career any. In fact, it seems that issues, such as affairs tend to spur people to be more interested in people. She will probably enjoy greater success with her memoir because people know that there are juicy tidbits of information in it. People love a good true story.

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  1. Jerry Pomeroy | May 2, 2008 | Reply

    This is why Walters’ story is so distressing: “everyone’s doing it…and Walters is just human,” is the exact wrong lesson to gleen from an adulterous affair. Everyone is not doing it, and the “just human” non-statement can be a defense for anything. “Hitler killed millions. Well, he was just human.” Every person is responsible to adhere to standards, and your core values are in need of some shoring up. There are decent role models in America. Find several and learn from them.

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