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August 16, 2011

Baby For Sell On Internet

There are ways to give a baby up for adoption but posting a couple of lines on the Internet is not one of them. A Vancouver couple decided to sell their baby on the Internet for 10,000 dollars. Apparently the couple has had addiction problems in the past and what exactly they should be charged with, if anything has not been figured out yet.

The ad read: “MUST HAVE!!!!!!! $10,000! A new baby girl, 7 days old, healthy and very cute. Can’t afford and unexpected. Looking for a good home. Please call ASAP.” That was all a couple in Vancouver thought it took to get rid of their child. The police intercepted the advertisement and arrested the couple.

Unfortunately, we have not created proper punishments for crimes such as these. Our justice system has not evolved to out technological age yet. Crimes are being committed with the Internet but there are few standards to go by when determining what an Internet crime is. Outside of credit theft there are very few guidelines when it comes to figuring out what Internet crimes are. There seems to be a chance that this couple may get off without any charges simply because there are no existing laws about selling babies on the Internet.

Lawmakers must catch up with technology. This could be a landmark case that sets a precedence when it comes to human trafficking on the Internet. We must have rules regarding what can and can not be done on the Internet and what is criminal and what is not.

It seems that this has happened a few times before. A couple in Oregon put their baby up for sale on Craigslist. They turned out to be crystal meth addicts. Another woman in Russia tried to sell her baby to pay the rent. Children can be planned or not. It seems that people that could not afford children would take precautions to not have them.

In this day and age of electronic communication it seems like many people have lost a little bit of decency. Now a days people get jobs by applying on the Internet or they buy cars without ever seeing them. There are plenty of purchases that can be carried out without going through a major advertiser but a baby is not one of those things.

There was speculation that the baby that was up for sale may be returned to the parents that tried to get rid of it. I think that returning the child to a home where it is clearly not wanted is a big mistake. Authorities needs to take control of the child’s destiny and find a caring home for it. While I know that locating parents that will be a good fit for an unwanted child can be hard, it is better to take the time and search than to give the child back to the people that tried to sell it. There are plenty of people in the world that can not have children and would love to have a beautiful baby girl to raise. Surely there is a family that would like to have this child.

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