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January 9, 2010

A side order of Avatar: Review of a Gem!

Wow, is my main description of this masterpiece. If you haven’t seen this gem in the theater I would suggest running out before it leaves. The digital 3-D is phenomenal, I found myself brushing insects away from my face more than once.  I have to confess I actually thought I was going to see the last air-bender.  I’m so glad I didn’t go with the guys a week prior, I would have embarrassed myself.  As the movie begins and the giggling amongst us girls settles down, I leaned over and ask what movie trailer we were watching…it seemed long.  Once the eruption of laughter died down again I was informed it was the movie.

This movie apparently took almost 14 years to make and in the ball park of an amount of $3 followed by 6 zeros to make.  It was worth every penny.  I do have to stress that it probably isn’t as amazing without the 3-D as that is what makes the characters, the landscape, the creatures, come alive.  The colors are from out of this world; actually they are from the deep.  I do believe I’ve seen pictures of the ocean waaaaaay down below where the light of day never touches, where luminescence is abundant, and needed for survival.  Though the author of that creation is not James Cameron but God.  Which brings me to the only thing that I didn’t like about the film other than feeling inadequate that I’m not 10 feet tall, blue and 120 pounds;  The English language is so diverse and descriptive do we really have to use the Lords name as a curse.  Seriously, I understand that not everyone has the same belief system, but if we were to walk around cursing what ever is sacred, what would that reduce us to?

This is a battle in which I know can’t be won untill the second coming, but should be expressed upon so it stops being the norm or at least gets people to think about it. 

Back to the movie, I would love for my grandmother to see the technology of this day.  I don’t think the elderly could fathom how convincing and real, video has become.  I am old enough that I remember when microwaves first came out; My family had a little black and white television with rabbit ears. Here we are watching movies with surround sound and dorky glasses (which I love) swatting imaginary bugs and white jelly fish like things out of our faces.  

I am a movie buff, I worked in a video store through high-school which started my fetish.   As a teenager we could be found at the drive-in, which by the way, is an amazing experience and I think should make a comeback.  And here I am as a thirty something year old adult giggling at the movie theater with my glasses, popcorn, M&M’s, and diet pop (to counteract the other stuff).  I can’t imagine what advances will have to occur in order to out do the effects in Avatar.  I’m thinking maybe they should try the partridge family….now that’s nostalgia!

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