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July 7, 2008

Atom Smasher Could Swallow Earth?

So there is a huge atom smasher that is going to be witched on in August. It is supposed to be able to make some amazing discoveries and some people think that it will create a black hole and swallow the earth.

Scientists at the European organization for Nuclear Research say that these claims are silly. Some of the scientists have been working on this project for a generation and 5.8 billion dollars have been spent on creating the CERN. The end of the world will not come, the scientist when the device is switched on.

The CERN is the biggest scientific experiment in history. The collider has a ring of supercooled magnets 17 miles in circumference connected to a huge detector that is shaped like a barrel. The CERN is between the French and Swiss border and is 330 feet below the surface and it is expected to produce some startling facts. The search for dark matter is the thing that scientists are looking for. The dark matter is supposed to make up 96 percent of the universe. To this point dark matter has not been identified.

The goal of scientists is to find out more about some of the unanswered questions about physics. Physicists say that there is a one in 50 million chance of producing a global catastrophe. Scientists that have nothing to do with the CERN say that it does not pose any conceivable damage to the planet. There are some critics that think that the atom smasher could end the planet. Even so hundred of scientists have participated in the research that has gone on during the building of the CERN.

The argument that scientists are putting forward in favor of the CERN are valid. Cosmic rays have been bombarding the earth and creating collisions that are much like those that have been occurring over the past 4.5 billion years. Micro black holes may be produced by the collider, critics say, and they will eventually put the planet in danger. However, British physicist Stephen Hawking predicts that if these micro black holes are produced they will instantly evaporate.

It will be interesting to see what type of information physicists are able to get from the collider. For most of us the results that are gathered may be over our heads but the information may be helpful to scientists. I don’t think that the CERN will be the end of the world and I am eager to find out what scientists can discover with it.

As for the lawsuits that are in place to block the CERN, I think that people should do their research. I have worked through some of Stephen Hawking’s writings and even though most of it is over my head, I think that if he says we will be alright, then we will. Of all of the scientists that have been involved in the project if the danger the collider presents is imminent, I think that at least some of them would come out and say something. I mean, I doubt that the scientists want to see the world end.

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  1. JTankers | Jul 7, 2008 | Reply

    Glad you are sleeping well, I am no so lucky.

    In order for Earth to be in danger based on current assumptions, the following would need to be true:

    – Micro black holes would need to be creatable at collider energies. — This is unknown, but reasonably plausible according to the CERN Courier and CERNs public safety web site.

    – Micro black holes would need to be stable and not decay. — This is unknown, most physicists predict decay, though several PHDs of Math and Physics argue that decay is an open question.

    – Micro black holes would need to grow quickly. — This is also unknown, Dr. Otto Rossler theorizes that a micro black hole could become charged by capturing electrons “in orbit” outside its event horizon. 2008 LSAG Safety Report also accepts that if micro black holes were charged they would likely grow quickly.

    The probability of danger is unknown, the legal action currently before US Federal Courts estimates high risk.

    “The LHC is only going to reproduce what nature does every second, what it has been doing for billions of years,”

    Cosmic ray impacts do not prove safety because results of cosmic rays pass through Earth and into space at nearly the speed of light. If colliders create micro black holes from head-on collisions, some percentage will travel too slowly to escape Earth’s gravity.

    “even if they [micro black holes] appeared, he said, they would instantly evaporate, as predicted by the British physicist Stephen Hawking.”

    Several published papers conclude that radiation by black holes is an open question. Professor V.A. Belinski argues in his published work that Hawking Radiation does not exist.

    Every argument has two sides and both sides don’t always get equal press.

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