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March 1, 2011

As Fighting In Lebanon and Iraq Slow, Darfur Erupts IN Violence

Another part of the world that has been in turmoil for some time now has erupted. The Darfur region in Sudan has seen an uprising of rebel troops. Darfur has been the subject of international concern for some time. The western part of Sudan has been at war with itself for over five years now.

The conflict in Darfur stems from racial, ethnic and land issues. The nomadic Arab Sudanese who are from the north must wander through the desert for water and food. The farming black Sudanese had farms that prevented the nomadic life in their region. The land conflict was reinforced by race and ethnic issues.

Violence is a slow moving current through Darfur. The militia works to kills and oust those that used to live on farms. Over two million people have been misplaced and shoved out into the desert to live and hundred of thousands of people have died. The world has not chosen to intervene in this conflict so the fighting continues without consequences.

The longer a civil war goes on the worst it is going to get. While Darfur has been technically at war for years now, there are points where things heat up and more people die. This may turn out to be one of those cases. Cars are overturned and burning, people are in the streets and troops are working to get them into their homes to obey the curfew that is imposed.

In other volatile parts of the world violence seems to be slowing down. There also appears to be a cease fire in order in Sadr City, Iraq, a portion of the country that has been extremely violent lately. Insurgents are the ones that have called for the cease fire so hopefully they will stay peaceful.

After lives were lost and neighborhoods were damaged, things are claming in Beirut. However, it does not seem likely that Lebanon’s long standing problems are over yet. Only time will tell if the fighting has ended or not.

When violence anywhere in the world threatens to spiral out of control, all of us are effected. Unfortunately the answers are complicated and for the most part, there is nothing we can do to help. The conflicts that have been raging for years must be resolved by the people that are involved in them. All the world can do is stand by and watch, hoping that the regions that are warring will come to terms and cease fire.

All three of these conflicts are made up of brother fighting brother. A slight distinction of religion or skin color has driven a wedge between people on both sides of all of these conflicts. These global issues have been a fabric of humankind since the beginning of time. The argument is always the same. People focus on differences opposed to the similarities. Yes there will always be differences but at the end of the day we are all just human beings. A very simple concept that seems nearly impossible for most people to grasp.

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