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July 21, 2008

Apologies From Pope For Sex Abuse Not Enough

Pope Benedict XVI apologized for the “evil” of the sex abuse that was enacted on some Catholics in Australia. The pope was conducting mass in Sydney, Australia when the apology was made. He made a similar apology when he went to the United States a few months before. While it is great to acknowledge the abuse and apologize for it, I think that victims want to hear what solutions that pope has so that this does not happen again.

As Catholicism falls off in every place in the world with the exception of Africa, it seems that the stubbornness should be wearing down. In order to sustain itself the church much change. For it’s own good and the good of it’s followers. There is a reason why the pope is having to travel from land to land to apologize for sex abuse. The reason is not because all of these men were inherently pedophiles. Yes they practiced pedophilia but that does not mean that their desires to be great priest were not originally present.

Grown men should not have to deny biological urges to show that they are pious. This can only lead to trouble. At some point that unnatural denial of human urges that we all have is going to break through. Priest, after all, are only human. This is what has occurred in the Catholic Church.

The apologies are not going to bring back the innocence of children abused long ago. However, it can help in making sure that other children do not fall prey to this antiquated system. Doesn’t the church owe the victims something more than an apology? Doesn’t the church owe the victims what every victim always wants? Victims of sexual abuse do not want others to have to experience what they have gone through.

While there is no way to guarantee that other children will not get molested, there are ways to cut down on molestation in the church. Priest must be able to marry. There is just no way around it. The Orthodox Church has never forgotten that human nature is a part of humans. During the Great Schism, when the Orthodox and the Catholic churches split, the Orthodox church continued to allow priests to marry. That is still the case.

How many Orthodox sex abuse cases have we heard about? His is the point the must be recognized. This unnatural practice is ready to be put to rest. A friend of mine had a nephew that was thinking about becoming a priest a few years ago. He was a very pious young man and a devout Catholic. He would have been a great person to lead a parish. However, after entering the seminary, he took some time off to think about his decision. The reason why he opted to not finish seminary? The fact that he was to remain celibate throughout the rest of his life. This is the reason why the numbers of priest are dwindling. Again, I hope that the Catholic Church wakes up and decides to join the rest of us in this century.

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