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August 9, 2008

Another War In The World

The breakaway region of Georgia and Russia have begun bombing one another. As the bombs fell on the Georgian capital Tbilisi, government buildings and Parliament were evacuated. The Russians are targeting the infrastructure of Georgia in the hopes that destroying the economic centers of the region will stop their desire to get breakaway from Russia.

Both sides have seen heavy causalities already. Russian bombers moved in the pro-Russian autonomous area of Georgia on Friday. The Black Sea port of Poti, the country’s biggest port, was reportedly destroyed. On Thursday Georgia sent troops into South Ossetia to crack down on separatists. There is a push for the rest of Georgia to be unified with North Ossetia which is currently located in Russia. Peacekeepers were stationed in Georgia but Russia has now sent troops in to fight.

The saddest part about this situation is that there are plenty of innocent people that are dead on the streets of Georgia. Bodies line the war torn streets where rockets have killed women and children. Russia is destroying the foundation of Georgia. There is no excuse for this type of carnage that is being committed in Georgia. Georgia has applied to diplomatic intervention and boy do they need it.

As the situation escalates more and more people will die. This is a terrible state for any country to be in. The world simply must intervene and get involved in this war. Civilians are rushing to seek cover from this haphazard attack from the Russians. Over the past few days the fighting has turned into an all out war.

Witnesses report that bodies are in the streets and that there are hardly any buildings left standing. Russia should know better than this. This type of attack is based on anarchy and mayhem. The president or the prime minister, or which ever is in charge in Russia, these days it is hard to tell, needs to put a stop to this.

People around the world have called for a stop to the fighting. Russia is a massive country, the largest nation in the world. It’s fight to maintain all of the former Soviet satellites is unrealistic. The people in the lands that suffered through years of Communism that worked to steal their cultures, deserve a break. They should be able to regroup and be the culture and country that they choose to be.

Georgia is located between Russia and Turkey. It is one of the Soviet satellites that is located far enough away from the center of Russia to allow the citizens there to recover more of their culture than some of the other groups that live closer to the center. With that in mind it is no wonder that the people of Georgia are looking for a way out of the unfair rule that it typical of the Russian government. With Vladimir Putin still pulling the reigns of the country, Russia, on some places has not changed that much. Not to mention, all of the change has not been for the better. The road to “freedom” can be awful rocking at times.

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