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June 16, 2008

Another Threat To Middle East Peace

In 1967 Israel took control of East Jerusalem, seizing the land from Jordan. After taking the land Israel began to consider it part of their capital. Currently there are plans to build more houses in East Jerusalem, an area that Palestine is hoping will be their capital. This is a slap in the face to the peace talks that have been going on in the region.

I think that everyone involved in the Israel Palestine situation is going to have to give a little. That means that building hundreds of homes in East Jerusalem, an area that was seized from Jordan a couple of decades ago is not a good idea. Right now peace talks could go either way. Gaza is being run by Hamas, a group that is considered a terrorist group by both Israel and the U.S.. However, Gaza is safer now that Hamas is in charge. The Fatah movement is currently holding power in the West Bank. This division of Palestinian territories needs to be resolved as does the conflict over land with Israel.

I am on neither side in this conflict. I don’t have a stake in the situation and I honestly do not understand why this conflict continues to brew. The fact that residents can not live in the same neighborhoods because they are different religions is disturbing to me. Is is really so bad to have a neighbor that is a different faith than you are? How does that hurt your cause? I can’t see how it can. The lands that are being fought over hold so of the most important religious structures in the three largest monotheistic religions. These three religions should be able to exist side by side and feed off of one another’s positive vibes. I have found teachings in all religions that have been helpful in my life and I don’t think that recognizing them as such has done any damage to my faith or beliefs. In fact, by learning and respecting other religions, I think that people can become more enriched and enlightened.

The peace process in the Middle East has been a long process that must come to an end at some point. Everyone involved must be willing to bend and lose a little in order to gain a lot. What good will it do to build a hundred houses in East Jerusalem if they are constantly under siege? Bombed neighborhoods with children dying on a regular basis is not a good thing. Why not work out a peace plan so that all parties are satisfied and the killing can stop for good. I believe that there must be a way to find peace in a region packed full of holy structures and religious people.

Hopefully there will be enough pressure from it’s allies to deter Israel from building in East Jerusalem. The past couple of months have been the first time in years that it seems like there is a real chance at peace. Why blow it with these new housing plan?

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