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March 4, 2011

Another Shocking Story Out Of Austria: Man kills five family members

I don’t mean to insinuate that Austria is a place that breeds this type of behavior because I know that it happens everywhere, but, it is kind of odd. Just a few weeks after the discovery of Fritzl family in the cellar a man in Austria ax murdered his family to save them from embarrassment because of financial failures.

I am not an advocate of suicide but I have to wonder why someone would murder their family members opposed to themselves in this type of case. If someone has fallen into financial ruin and they think that they have lost everything and their lives are ruined., why kill others? You are the one who is feeling hopeless and hopeless, why turn those feelings on to someone else?

Not only did this man kill his wife and seven year old daughter with an ax, he also murdered his father-in-law and parents. After murdering these family members the man walked into a police station and confessed. What type of insanity drives a man to do this type of thing to his family? Is it possible that this man was inspired by other stories of men hurting their families?

The motive this time was that the man had been speculating on the financial markets and lost everything. So instead of finding a way to get himself out of financial ruin, maybe even turning to family members for help, he killed them. That of course does not make any sense. He says that he did it to save them from shame but what about their desire to live? He gave them no choice and took their lives in another display of a man trying to control the fate of his family. Also, it is important to note that he is still alive. He is the one that lost the money. Isn’t he the one that caused the shame? Surely he should be dead if his entire family had to be murdered.

There is a certain callousness that exists in the world. It seems to be increasing everyday as more and more horrific things are revealed from people’s private lives. At this point we should all be used to the terrible stories that come out in the news about what happens when people are ready to get rid of their loved ones. However, every time I hear about one of this terrible family killing stories I am shocked. I don’t believe I will ever be able get used to the systematic extinguishing of families. Something is going very wrong in the world.

I am sure that the insanity plea will be a consideration in this case. The line of thinking is that no sane man would do this to his family. However, as atrocities are repeatedly committed by men against their families, I think that the insanity plea looses it’s power. Everyone is not insane. Some people do things that make them appear to be insane and hope that they will be found to be insane so that they do not get the proper punishment for their crime.

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