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June 18, 2008

Another Severed Foot Shows Up On Canadian Coast

A fifth severed foot has washed up on the shore of Westham Island just south of Vancouver. Over the past 11 months right feet have been showing up along the coast line of British Columbia. Initially the feet were just a weird occurrence that many attributed to a plane crash that happened in the area. However, the fact that only the feet are showing up is odd and the fact that they are severed also points to a more deliberate, less natural reason why they are no longer attached to bodies.

Vancouver has had some gang violence in the recent years and some speculate that these feet could be the sinister calling card of some gang. Finding out DNA information on the foot will take some time investigators say. Discovering why so many feet have shown up will also be a challenge. The feet are washing ashore in western Canada but that does not necessarily mean that they were severed in the area. Residents of the island are wondering and coming up with theories of their own as they wait for some type of official statement.

The more feet that wash up on the shore, the more suspicious this all seems. At first I thought that maybe the feet were from lost fishermen or the men that perished in the plane that crashed off of the coast of the island. However, the likelihood of feet being severed in the same manner in a plane crash is unlikely. Not to mention, other body parts have not been washing up on shore. This sounds like something out of a private detective novel. The investigators who live in the real world, have not been able to produce answers as fast as those that play forensic specialists on television, prompting residents of the island to inquire about the length of time the investigation is taking.

Finding out who the feet belong to would help the islanders rest a little bit. The islands where the feet are showing up are not known for their violence or homicides. That of course make residents even more antsy for answers. While there is no reason at this point to believe that the feet belong to any islanders, there are some missing persons that could also be missing feet. Meaning that they probably are not alive any more. While there are no bodies to support that, the idea that there is a strange, quiet killer roaming through the area severing feet is something that would definitely keep me up at night.

The most recent foot was left while the other four were allegedly right feet. There is a chance that this foot is just the match for one of the right feet that drifted ashore earlier. However, even if it is, that does not answer the questions surrounding the identity of the person or what happened to them. There is no immediate evidence that islanders are in danger but I am sure that this is something that is weighing on their minds. Until those questions as successfully answered I doubt anyone on Westham Island will be sleeping peacefully.

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