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August 3, 2008

Another Police Taser Death

A man in Winnfield, Louisiana was tasered nine times after he was arrested on cocaine charges. After seven taser shots, Baron “Scooter” Pikes stopped twitching. Baron Pikes was a 21 year old sawmill worker who either had a drug problem or was selling them, it is not clear which. The coroner says that Baron may have been dead before the last two jolts were delivered.

Louisiana is a beautiful place marred by seedy politics and racial divides. Whenever something like this happens in Louisiana there is more to the story. The ex-officer that may be charged in the taser death of Pies is Scott Nugent. He is the son of Gleason Nugent, who committed suicide in 2005 amidst charges that he used fraud and vote buying during a race for police chief, a position that is voted on in Winnfield. Baron Pikes was the cousin of Mychal Bell, a teenage involved in racially charged assault case in Jena, Louisiana.

Winnfield has about 15,000 residents with the population being divided into black and white almost equally. Again, as is usually that case in the southern part of the United Sates race is an issue. In this particular case, Pikes was black and Nugent is white.

It is disgusting that in this day and age we are still dealing with this festering seed of hate. When the question of whether or not this is a racially motivated case or not is asked, the answer is obvious. Baron Pikes was hand cuffed for several shots of the taser. The computer chip in the taser gun shows that Nugent used the Tasered six times in three minutes. After that Pikes was hand cuffed and put in the back of the police car. During the ride Nugent fired a taser shot into Pikes’ chest. When the police arrived at the station Pikes was pulled out of the car and tasered two more times. Two officers said that Pikes had no neuromuscular reaction to the final two 50,000 volt electroshocks.

The Winnfield police got Tasers a year ago. Officers have used them 14 times, with 12 times being on blacks. Nugent has used the taser ten times. The city council voted 3-2 o fire Nugent in May, a decision that the former officer is appealing.

When I say this was a racially motivated act, the racial motivations go both ways. Nugent over tasered Pikes’ and that was wrong. However, the best way to avoid being tasered by police, is to not do things to get arrested. Don’t take or sell cocaine. Don’t resist arrest if you are involved with drugs. This case is racial motivated because the two parties involved were living up to stereotypes and categories that the United Stats has conditioned whites and blacks to aspire to. Neither Nugent or Pikes’ was smart enough to break the mold and be a better person than what was laid out before them.

What outcome would be positive in this case? None. This is a no win situation. A man is dead and that is something that can’t be denied. Nugent should pay for tasering what was probably a dead body. But really, no one wins in this case. Small towns in Louisiana will still bubble and occasionally boil over with racial hatred. This case , if there is one, no matter what the verdict is, will reinforce the plague of racism.

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