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June 13, 2008

Another Food Recall: It’s Tomatoes This Time

This time it is tomatoes. Salmonella is the culprit that is making tomatoes unsafe. There have been cases in 23 states and it seems as if the threat is wide spread and has reeked havoc for about two months now. While Salmonella is a dangerous infection and it can kill, most cases are mild and many do not know they even have Salmonella poisoning. However, if you are already in a compromised situation health wise, you could be in great danger if you were infected.

The danger of eating seems to become more and more real. At this time South Korea is protesting the importation of American beef because of recent mad cow scares. While some may think that the protest which have been massive, are too much, South Koreans have a point. Why would they want imported beef from a country that continues to have al type of food recalls? They are just trying to protect themselves for food that they deem to be unsafe.

The scary thing about food recalls is that they typically happen after the fact. Once someone is sick or dead, you usually have the recall issued. Sometimes the recall is put out before there are any adverse effects but when the damage is done, people could be dead. The fear of buying certain foods barely has time to lift before there is another food on the recall list. I think that there have got to be measures that can be taken to make the food supply safer.

I have many friends that are starting gardens. They will grow as many of their own fruits and vegetables that they can. I don’t have the room for a garden but if I did I would definitely be growing food of my own. Until I have more space, I have to buy organic items which are typically significantly more expensive than non-organic ones. It is worth it though because I would rather have a little less money than eat something that is going to make me sick and maybe even kill me.

Today I saw an article about fecal matter and bacteria in lemon slices in restaurants. So, when you ask for those lemon slices in your water you may be getting a little extra surprise. Why would those contaminates be in lemon slices in restaurants? Well, for one, many restaurants hire employees that know nothing about food standards and health department regulations. Restaurants also often pay low wages for very hard work, leaving employees overworked, underpaid and hostile. So do you really think that someone that is making minimum wage is that concerned about what is in your lemon slice? Not really.

The truth of the matter is that we have to be very aware of what we eat. Whether you are in a restaurant or the grocery store, pay attention to the things you are buying and try to get as many natural products as possible. The food supply safety seems to be something that the U.S. takes for granted. Don’t get caught in that trap and wind up sick.

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