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July 1, 2008

Another Bad Decision About Handguns

While I agree that most of the guns that kill people are illegal, legal guns are often involved in suicides and homicides as well. There is no other reason to have a hand gun other than to kill someone. With that in mind it seems to me that allowing people to have handguns is a license to kill.

I am not against people protecting themselves and their homes but let’s be honest. How many home invasions, rapes or robberies are stopped by handguns? How many handguns are used to kill the homeowners or kill someone else in the house? Having guns around is just an accident waiting to happen. Pistols are made to kill people. They serve no other purpose.

The U.S. Supreme Court found the sweeping ban on handguns that Washington D.C. had in place a violation of the antiquated Second Amendment. The mayor of the city, Adrian Fent is understandably upset that the ban has been reversed. The city will become more unsafe in 21 days when all of the handguns are registered.

These arguments about the Second Amendment are silly. That amendment was written at a time when territories were uncertain, homes were spread out and there were not any police officers or militias that were worth anything. Clearly things have changed and the need to have a gun is very questionable. I do not have a handgun and I know that if I did, chances are, during a break in I would not be able to get to it. So what good would the hand gun be then? Besides, I am not terribly paranoid. I grew up in a city that was frequently the murder capital of the United States but I was never shot. I realize that getting shot, even in a city as violent and terrible as Detroit is probably not going to happen. Surely, anything can happen but most of the time nothing does.

The country that wants to be armed is one that needs to be armed. Look around at all of the crimes that take place on American soil. Schools are shot up regularly, spouses are gunned down and the gang and drug wars in inner cities are constant. It seems quite possible that one of the reasons that the United States is so incredibly violent and angry is because we are all either afraid of one another or have so much hatred that it boils over. We have a president that praises that overturning of law that was put in place to help keep the cities of the capital of the country safer. I just don’t know where this country is going but I can clearly see that it is in the wrong direction.

I hope that one day the United States will start worrying more about things like the right to have health care or the right to have shelter, than the right to bare arms. The priorities and the people in charge of the country are totally screwed up.

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