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July 27, 2011

Anger Management: Very Important For Employees

I get mad at work occasionally. When that happens, I take a few moments to myself, sigh and take a deep breath. Then I look at the clock and calculate how much longer I will have to be there. No matter what time it is or how many hours I have left, I know that it is less than what I had when I started. Sometimes I even keep a running tally of the time, counting off the minutes on a sheet of paper.

Well, a flight attendant for Eder Rojas, for Compass Airlines decided that he wanted to do more than take a personal time out. Instead he decided to set a plane on fire. So, because this guy was mad about his flight route, he set the bathroom on fire and forced an emergency landing. The plane was traveling from Minneapolis to Regina and had to make the emergency stop in Fargo. None of the 72 passengers were injured and Rojas will be charged.

The especially strange part about this story is that the flight attendant was on the plane himself. If something had happened, he could have been injured. This shows that the young man was acting out of childish impulse and should be doled out a punishment that will teach him a lesson. Flying in an airplane can be a dangerous undertaking if anything goes wrong. The passengers, crew and Rojas himself could have died if the pilot had not been alert.

Most of us have to work and chances are you will end up doing something on the job you do not like. This is part of adult life. You don’t set a fire because you don’t get your way. You do the job and start searching for another one if the regulations you have to follow are too much.

This young man is in the same age group as one of my co-workers. She is a great person outside of work but her work ethic is terrible. The other day she sat in her office and read a book for two hours. She is not my employee so it is not really my place to say anything. However, when I started running around making sure that everything was done I had to go and get her out of her office. “I’m tired” she whined. She works 27 hours a week and calls off at least three times a month. It was apparent that she had lazy confused with tired but I let it go.

There are days that I hate work and I want to pull my hair out, or start a fire in the bathroom, but I don’t. Life always has parts that you don’t enjoy but you can not react like a child when they come up. I hope that this silly flight attendant gets a sentence that will teach him how to be a grown up. Surely there has got to be some course of action that will help him grow up just a tad bit before he takes on his next job. He probably has some time before he has to worry about that though. Who is going to hire a flight attendant who started a fire on plane that is in flight?

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