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February 24, 2011

An Energy Drink Called Blow: Malicious Gimmick Or Plain Fun

Energy drinks are pretty much just great items to help rot your teeth. They generally have a massive amount of sugar, caffeine and maybe some vitamin B and other stuff to crank you up. Personally, black coffee, sugar and calorie free does the trick for me. However, there are a good amount of people that do not like the bitter taste of black coffee and they want a little sweetness with their caffeine. Many of them turn to energy drinks. There are a ton of them on the market but one that is hot off the presses if causing quite a stir.

So, what would you name an energy drink? Go, Surge, Electricity, I am not good with coming up with names for such a product but I can tell you that “Blow” would not be on my list. Not just because I hate drugs and would never promote one but also because it is just plain bad taste. A friend of mine told me that he came across this energy in a gas station a few months ago. He said it peaked his interest but then he thought about it and decided that something named Blow was not really worth purchasing. He went with another energy drink and his reasoning was that he has known too many people who have lost their careers, families or lives because of drugs and he just couldn’t see himself buying a product that mocked that or supported drugs.

Of course, when questioned about why the drink would be named such a thing, the owner said it was all in good fun. How funny is cocaine? How about crack cocaine? Where is the joke here? I just don’t get how this is supposed to be funny. Instead, I think that the owner is trying to prey on those that may be on the edge when it comes to drugs. I can imagine a kid who is not using drugs but is kind of curious about them. Maybe seeing a can of Blow on the shelves of a party store and buying it gives the kid a little more inclination to try real drugs. Small steps are taken before big leaps.

Growing up people sued to use the term gateway drugs. The gateway drugs were marijuana and alcohol and believe me, they were gateway drugs. I hung out with the wrong crowd in high school but I just did not like drugs so that was something was firm on. However, the people that did use marijuana and drank on a regular basis were the same people that progressed on to cocaine and crack. They did not all become addicts but they dabbled in the drugs. A few of them, unfortunately, did get addicted and two actually died.

You may think that an energy drink is just an energy drink, and for the most part it is. But there will be those few vulnerable people who are searching for something outside of themselves that will see drinking Blow as a bold move. It won’t take much for these vulnerable few to move on and take riskier steps. The manufacturer of Blow should take that into account.

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