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July 11, 2008

Amy Winehouse Still Living Sporadic, Intoxicated Life

I just don’t understand Amy Winehouse. She was recently hospitalized after collapsing in front of her house. In the hospital the results pointed to minor lung damage that could lead to further complications later on. Her father came out and said that his daughter had emphysema but her publicist says that she just has pre-emphysema symptoms. Well, the way I see it, if you have anything close to emphysema when you are in your early twenties, you’ve got some problems.

If a doctor told you that you had pre-emphysema signs as a twenty-something, it seems that you would be smart enough to change your life. However, it seems that the addictions are so powerful that Winehouse is not able to correct her behavior. After her release for the hospital she went on to perform at several shows. At the Glastonbury Festival she repeatedly hit a fan and appeared on stage with a glass of red wine at the Rock I Rio music festival. I think that it is easy to see the she has not managed to get herself under control.

The problem with all of this is that she has plenty of money. Traveling around the world getting drunk and doing drugs is very easy. Her father who seems to be absolutely beside himself over her health, can not keep her away from the drugs and alcohol. She is a young woman that needs some type of guidance but as a grown up she has to be the one to stand up and fix her life.

Months ago Winehouse’s father begged fans to stop buying her music because she was using the proceeds to fund her addictions. Of course fans already know that based on Winehouse’s bold “Rehab” song. So her father’s pleas fell on death ears. Instead Winehouse has won several Grammy Awards, played to many sold out concerts and is still living on the edge.

What is going to happen to this young, struggling star? What will it take for her to turn her life around? It seems that as long as the singer is doing well in her career, her life will continue to be lived in this manner. I have not had an addiction and I suppose that is why I just can not understand how Winehouse can allow her life to fizzle the way it is. I can not stand to see this young woman make such a spectacle of herself. She is going to kill herself and waste all of that talent she took so long to cultivate.

Winehouse will likely continue to tour and use drugs and alcohol. Of course, judging from her recent hospitalization she may not have much time left to do those things. Music is great but life is so much more precious than have hit songs. Amy Winehouse really should reconsider that rehab recommendation. Judging from her recent appearances in public she could really use some help. I feel especially sorry for her father who has tried very hard to make the world and Amy aware of the seriousness of this problem.

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