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June 29, 2008

Amy Winehouse: Sick And Talented

Hearing that Amy Winehouse is in legal trouble or doing drugs is nothing new. In fact, when I hear such stories I generally move on to another news story because I it makes me sick to hear that some superstar is blowing their money on drugs. However, the other day when I heard that Amy Winehouse had collapsed in front of her home, I thought, hope that she is alright. After all, I figure she has got to be very sick mentally to do some of the things that she does.

Well, now her father has come out and said that she has lung damage and an irregular heartbeat. This young woman who could have a brilliant singing career in front of her and decades of life left to live not has 70 percent lung capacity. Winehouse has a song about how people tried to make her go to rehab, including her father, Mitch Winehouse but she passed on that trip. Now she may have to wear an oxygen mask and has the early stages of emphysema and an irregular heartbeat. Her father says if she continues to smoke crack and cigarettes that doctors have told her that she will die.

This is a sad, sad story. I know that we, myself included, think, “hey she’s got it all! I have no sympathy for her!” but really, I do have sympathy for her because she doesn’t have anything. Not even enough breath to sustain herself.

Mitch Winehouse has been pleading with the world to stop buying his daughter’s records because she using the money to buy drugs. He has been very public in his fight for Amy’s life. Now he is once again pleaded for the life of his daughter. This poor father is begging drug using friends to stay away from his daughter so that she can get better. He says that she is fine when she is working and wants those that do drugs to stay away from her.

Winehouse is scheduled to perform at a concert for Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday. She also is supposed to sing at the Glastonbury music festival the day after that. Her father says that there is no reason why she should not be able to perform at those shows. Apparently work is not the problem, it is the lapses between the performing that gets Amy in trouble.

Hopefully this will be the thing that turns Amy Winehouse around. This is a warning sign for the twenty something singer to stop living this life of drug abuse and disregard. She is being given a second chance at life and she must take it with gusto. It might even be time to take that trip to rehab that she is so proud of passing up. At this point it is vital that she take life seriously and try to get better. The alternative to not getting better is death. Why waste all of that talent and love of music just to get high off of some substances that are killing you. Find that natural high of life that should come when you are living your dream.

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