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September 11, 2008

American Dies in Olympic Attack

Even after the thousands of guards and police that China designated to protect the Olympics, someone has died on just the second day of the games. An American relative of one of the coaches of the U.S. men’s volleyball team has been stabbed to death and another person has been injured.

The attacker was a 47 year old man from the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. He stabbed the man and a female Chinese tour guide before humping from the second floor of the Drum Tower and killing himself. The Drum Tower is a very popular tourist site.

President Bush is at the Olympics and was reportedly told about the murder. Of course, there is little he can say or do about it. The Chinese government also has little power over these types of random, individualist attacks. We can’t be sure why the man decided to stab the man to death or if he was associated with any of the terrorist groups that promised to attack during the Olympics. Of course, China has so many enemies amongst it’s own people that the man could have been attacking for a number of reasons.

This is exactly the type of thing that I was wondered would mare the Olympics. This is also why some people were questioning having the Olympics in China. The country is obviously experiencing some growing pains and hostility from a number of different groups. Having the Olympics in volatile places has caused problems before.

When the Olympics were in the United States there was a bombing. When the Olympics were in Munich tragedy struck. It is so important to be aware of a pressure cooker type atmosphere. Before the Olympics are designated in such places, the questions of whether or not the region is calm enough to have the entire world come to it’s backyard should be asked.

It would not be surprising to see more attacks like this taking place throughout the Olympics. All it takes is one angry person to decide to get revenge on an innocent unsuspecting tourist. China has so many monumental, aged sites to see that it is impossible to be in complete vigilance of all of them. For example, the Drum Tower was constructed in 1380 but it is certainly not the only structure that has that kind of history behind it. There are structures all around the country that have such culture and history behind them and an attack could happen at any of them.

China was so proud to have the Olympics. They have made great strides over the past few decades. However, there are many Chinese that have been left behind this progress. It can be painful and infuriating to watch the world come to your country and have an extraordinary display of games when you are starving and poverty stricken. Unfortunately, there aren’t just a few people in these predicaments. Over the past few weeks reports of the Chinese government throwing people out of their homes and businesses to make way for the Olympics have been reported. You can not do such things and expect the Games to go well. It’s just plain bad karma.

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