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August 8, 2008

Albinos in Tanzania Victims Of Witchdoctors

The more I read about the world, the more I realize that there are so many groups tat still carry out old superstitious rituals. This time the country is Tanzania and the victims are people with albino skin. Apparently witchdoctors there have a potion that they make from the body parts of albinos that is supposed to bring people wealth.

These stories are very troubling. Not only are people robbing graves to get body parts, they are killing people for them. An undercover police officer was approached by someone who was selling albino body parts.

Albino organs, arms, hair, legs and blood are used to make potions. Witchdoctors go around killing people for their supplies. The BBC reports that the are some police officers involved in killing albinos which is why it continues to go on. That makes things especially disturbing for anyone that is attacked and survives. Who is supposed to look after them if the police are in on the killings as well? Of course the police deny these charges but that is to be expected. No police force likes to admit when they have dirty cops amongst their ranks.

One hundred and seventy three witchdoctors have been arrested in the last three months. The arrest came after President Jakaya Kikwete put out an order to crack down on ritualistic killings for money. No one really knows what happened to the arrested witchdoctors after that. The minister had no comment on what happened after they were taken into custody.

If we use logic, I think that we can disprove the witchdoctor rich potion theory. Since there has been a rash of killings of albinos, there have obviously been a couple batches of this potion made. Someone must have had some of it by now. So, if that is the case, where are the riches? Let’s hear some testimonies of people that have become rich or received riches because of this potion. I have not heard about a flood of rich people in Tanzania so I am guessing that this potion does not work very well.

It is quite alarming the number of places in the world where people are willing to kill their fellow citizens in the name of witchcraft. My religious and spiritual beliefs are a little bit out there, according to many, but hurting others is where I draw the line. I believe that everything spiritual has validity in this world unless it brings harm to someone else. These witchdoctors are what scary movies are made about. The give a bad name to anyone that is into non-traditional, positive healing techniques. Human body parts are good for one thing. Living. That is what they are good for and when you steal someone’s life or drink a potion that has stolen their life, expect nothing but bad to come your way. You’ve earned it.

As for the witchdoctors that were detained and their whereabouts are not known. I wonder if the sword has come back around for them?

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