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August 1, 2011

What Does Al Qaida Being Close To Defeat Mean?

This may come to a surprise to many of us but the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq says that Al Qaida is closer to defeat than ever before. Of course, we don’t know how close or far from defeat Al Qaida has been over the years. This news is an interesting but is it really encouraging? Will this lead to an end of the Iraqi War?

At this point it seems that Al Qaida is less of a concern than some of the other insurgents that are rising up. While Al Qaida may be sending messages through the streets of Iraq, it seems that they are not the sole proprietor of chaos and anti-western sentiment. The idea that democracy will always work is as silly as the idea that communism will always work. Different places require different governing tactics and now that this democracy has been installed in Iraq, the main question is can the U.S. really leave Iraq even after al Qaida is defeated?

The obvious answer is no. Iraq has a long way to go before it will be a fully functioning viable country again. The reports about the lack of electricity and the water that is not fit to drink are still coming out and suicide bombers are prone to pop up in various places. Al-Sadr City the so called safe and clear zone has been the subject of many attacks over the past few months. This was the portion of the country that was said to be secured but what we have seen lately looks like a false sense of security. Could this report from the U.S. Ambassador be the same thing?

After the defeat of Al Qaida will troops be able to leave Iraq? Will all of the promises that were made by the U.S. government be met? These are serious issues to consider when a country invades another one and uproots their government. Issues that it is obvious that George W. Bush did not take into account when he decided that oil rich Iraq would be a great place to attack based on false presumptions. The truth about the invasion of Iraq and the war that Bush has declared victory in several times over the past few years, is that it has a long way to go. The U.S. lead invasion of Iraq must finish what it began and that is easier said than done.

The green light to leave Iraq will not come with one event, even an event as monumental as the defeat of Al Qaida. There will have to be a number of things that occur before troops can withdraw and Iraq will be a country of its own will again. Winning the war is only half the battle. There is much more work to be done in Iraq and the majority of it can not be accomplished with guns. The solutions lie far beyond any bullet or military offensive. The changes that have occurred in the country will take a while to get used to and since Iraq is not in a stable position yet, the adjusting has not even begun.

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