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July 15, 2008

Ahmad Suradji – Sorcerer Executed For Killing 42 Women

What a spooky story this is. A man in Indonesia murdered 42 women to increase his magical powers? Over an 11 year span Ahmad Suradji murdered women that came to him for assistance in trying to find a mate, keep their lovers faithful and finding a wealth. The belief in sorcery is apparently a very popular thing in Indonesia. There are a few other sorcerers awaiting the death penalty at this time.

Amnesty International was trying to stay this execution? Why exactly? What do you do with some guy that has murdered 42 people? His place in the world is no longer needed. Not to mention, he buried this women form the waist up in the ground and then strangled them. How disturbing is that? After they were dead he buried them with their heads pointing towards his house. This was supposed to increase his supernatural powers.

Suradji’s wife was also arrested will spend the rest of her life in prison for her role in these murders. In May 1997 a body was found in a field by Suradji’s house. Later on all of the other bodies were found. What a terrible, terrible waste of life! This an murdered almost 50 women and for what? To increase his supernatural powers? I don’t knock anyone’s beliefs unless they hurt others. This foolishness about supernatural powers is something that needs to be ended if it is costing people their lives.

It seems that in the rural areas of Indonesia education is very low. People still rely on supernatural beliefs and commit crimes to strengthen their powers. This is a very scary thought. If it is common to believe that your powers will be increased by murdering people, then a huge chunk of people are in danger. This man and another “sorcerer” have murdered a total of 50 people. If that is the case, then how many other sorcerers are out there murdering people? What a terrifying thought.

Surradji was killed by firing squad but his body remained at a hospital. Relatives of his murder victims were waiting to disrupt the funeral at the public cemetery. Such senseless violence against 42 victims is something that is bound to spark public outrage. I don’t know if it is possible, but Indonesia should try to, if they can, educate people better.

As far as Amnesty International trying to stop this execution, I think that they should put their efforts towards something else. I know that killing someone for killing others is a complicated thing and using the aggression that they used on their victims, but really, there is little else you can do with a monster. What type of rehabilitation is there for a man that has taken 42 lives? What would be the purpose of him continuing to remain on the planet? We can not do anything with a person that has committed such crimes.

Then there are the people that went to see Suradji for his “powers”. Hopefully others will learn that sorcery is not the thing that will change your life. Life is not something that you can alter without putting forth effort and hard work. Men stray or they don’t. Money can go as fast as it comes and it does not bring happiness.

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