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November 26, 2008

Abraham Biggs: Suicide for the Camera

This is truly a sad story. Having a teenage son myself, I cannot even imagine it. A young 19-year-old named Abraham Biggs died Wednesday in Florida. While blogging around 3.a.m Wednesday he entered, a live web feed about killing himself. After that, he laid down on his bed. Bloggers spent the next 12 hours deciding whether to call police, which turned out to be a mistake. The young man was dead when police arrived around 3:30a.m. Someone finally notified a monitor who called police. An investigation into the delay may be possible. It just seems like there were too many looky- loos and not enough take action kind of people online that night.

Apparently, the boy had overdosed on drugs. The depressant benzodiazepine and opiates were found in his body. The boy apparently had a history of mental issues his mother revealed in a note on the site my space frequented by the teen. He was bipolar. The drugs that he overdosed on were the meds that doctors had prescribed for his disorder. The camera just kept rolling through the hours of the ordeal. This is not the first time a teenager has exposed their life and death in such a way. His parents are enraged at the viewers and Justin-TV. For not acting and perhaps saving this, young life.

Unfortunately, his online friends did not think he was serious. He was prone to this kind of behavior and comments before online. In fact, he would have people comment on his threats of killing himself and how many drugs to take to do the job. Even a founder from the site admitted that he was in her words, “an attention junkie”. Comments poured in after the death with expressions of shock and some of laughter. From the conversations, he had with others it was clear he had every intention of following through and wanted to die. This sounds like a case of cry wolf. He talked about this so many times and never followed through so no one believed him.

Online the teen described himself as a “good hearted guy”. He wrote on to say that he cared a lot for his family and friends and would do anything for them. He added that he was goal oriented and knew what he wanted and was working to get it. Before his death, he apologized to friends for certain recent behaviors and confided that he had closed a chapter of his life. This sounds like a loving, caring and level headed young man not someone who wanted to take his life. Therefore, the question remains what could have been going on in this young youth’s life and world that would make him want to die. He did have some problems with coping with his disorder but he was on medication for it.

I guess we will never know what happened to this youth. We will never understand why he died. Let us just hope that as a society we begin to have some compassion and take action when we think it is warranted when we see another human being is in trouble!

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