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July 31, 2011

Above and Beyond Call of Duty: Officer Breast Feeds Babies in China

Officer Jiang Xiaojuan does not think of herself as a hero but we all know that she is. What she calls a mother’s reaction is much more than that. While China’s earthquake left many parents without children, it also left some children without parents. Others have mothers that survived but they are too traumatized to produce milk at this time. That is where officer Jiang Xiaojuan comes in.

Officer Xiaojuan is a police officer helping with recovery efforts in China’s earthquake riffled region. She has supplied something that only a mother could give, milk. She is 29 years old and has a child of her own but she is saving other children by sharing her milk. At one point she was feeding nine infants, some of which have now gone to orphanages. While the future is uncertain for those that were orphaned, at least they have a future. Without Xiaojuan they may have not made it through this terrible tragedy.

It is stories like this that show the extreme solidarity that is being displayed around the world by Chinese everywhere. It is wonderful to see people come to together and work to salvage what is left. Today I saw a story about children that have returned to school, some of which have lost both parents. They are finding strength in friendships that obviously extend beyond the surface level. A family like atmosphere seems to be in place and it seems that those that have survived the quake will be able to make amends. Wounds will live forever but they will heal enough for a life to be lived.

Jiang Xiaojuan sacrificing her milk is a step beyond her duties as an officer. She is taking responsibility for the well being of children that have no way of fending for themselves. As we watch more and more stories like this come out of China I believe we all will acquire a new found respect for China.

The officer says that her efforts are a small thing and that they are not really worth mentioning. She seems to think that breast feeding the babies was the only thing to do, as if there was no other choice. Well there were other choices and one of them would be to leave the fate of the children up to someone else. There are some that would have chosen such a route. The actions of officer Xiaojuan are more that worth mentioning. With all of the tragedy in the news around the world, we need to know that there are people out there that have good hearts and are eager to help others. In the midst of clouds of dust and aftershocks, there are people that are willing to do the right thing, even if it is not the easy thing. Breast feeding is not a small feat, especially when a woman id feeding nine babies. I salute officer Jiang Xiaojuan and all others that are in China fending off death by helping survivors, big and small make it to the next day.

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