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July 31, 2008

Aaron Mohanial Sex Offender Sentenced But Not In Jail

Former art teacher Aaron Mohanial was convicted of sexually molesting a seventh grader for almost two years is free. He was sentenced to a jail term but has yet to serve any time due to an appeal. The South Florida man forced a boy to have sex with him in the classroom supply closet. He also would occasionally call off work and have sex with the boy at his home. He bought the boy a cell phone and created secret names for their genitalia.

This very disgusting man is still free on the street. Broward County Circuit Judge Marc Gold gave Mohanial a rare bond. He is able to be free while in the appeal process. This could mean that this child molester could be out on the streets for the next few years. The appeal process can be very lengthy. This child molester is able to work a construction job he has, go to church and spending time at a home in Sunrise Florida.

The terrible part about all of this that a young boy suffered through testifying. It is difficult to testify in court as an adult. However, when a child must be put on the stand it can be absolutely devastating. This boy who is now 18 has suffered through abuse, testifying against his abuser and knowing that the man is out on the street. In fact, Sunrise Florida is just 15 miles from where the boy and his family are currently residing. There is a chance that he could run into his abuser at a gas station or convenience store. That’s how close they are to one another.

This is a outrage. Why would any judge grant a man that has been convicted of molesting a child this type of bond? Mohanial does have to wear a GOS device and had to register as a sex offender. He is supposed to stay away from the boy and his family but surprisingly, was not told to stay away from other children. Who is this judge and why did he give this man so much freedom?

Florida has seen a rash of teachers molesting children. The bulk of them have been female teachers molesting male students. However, no matter how many of these crimes the state sees, they do not seem to be cracking down on them. Most of the women that have been convicted have gotten sentences that call for house arrest or a very minimum sentence.

The monetary amount of Mohanial’s bond was $610,000. He was able to get some financial support from family members to post it. These post-conviction bonds are generally given to people in criminal trials if there was some type of procedural error in the trial. However, in this case, no mistakes where made. The judge made a statement regarding the situation and said that he ruled on what was presented to him during the hearing. He says that based on what he heard, the bond is appropriate.

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