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January 28, 2011

A World Of Trouble

When we search the outside world find ourselves we are looking in the wrong direction. We forget about our internal journey, a path no one else can travel nor experience. We tend to search for objects outside of ourselves, for comfort. We cling to structural buildings, as a means of anchoring our faith. We attach ourselves to currency, as a means of integrity, valued status and a compromise of our humanity. We depend upon all these outward factors to keep us afloat, to keep us structured in a dogmatic pattern; a cycle that does not promote change, but keeps our true desires locked up, either unexpressed or repressed.

We all seek comfort when our emotions run high. We feel the need for security to know it’s ok from the beaten road of hardships we must endure through our travels. Yet hardships are not longstanding, it’s only our relationship to the perceived hardships that changes. We all look for reasoning to justify that ache in our hearts, we feel confused, wondering where the pending path may lead. We struggle to attain a peace of mind, yet there should be no struggle at all; no it should flow effortlessly, yet it is our resistance that is blocking tranquility.

What is it that we are continually searching for? A life with meaning? A day that is filled by honorable efforts to establish an honest and compassionate living? Or perhaps we want a simple existence, not to be bound by the complexities of day to day living. But can all of that be replaced by something better, or is it just wishful thinking? Is it nonsensical of me to ponder upon a life in which every moment was a joy to just be alive? Or maybe that very expression of exuberance is available, just waiting for us to tap into.

With so much drama going on around the world these days it’s no wonder people have gone mad. It’s almost like being crazy is the new skinny these days- if you aint crazy you just don’t understand. I agree that every human is a little crazy here and there, but the proportions I am talking about are huge in recent cases; people just haven’t been able to process all the troubles going on around and in their lives, and as a result have gone off the deep end.

I feel as if human kind is lost in some way- searching for something we cannot define, but we know something is lacking. Almost as if a piece of our identity is buried beneath a past we know nothing about. To question our own roots is to question our search for a meaningful way to reflect who we are in life.

People around the world are beginning to wake up to the misery some call exsistence. People are starting to realize how sick and twisted the world around them really is. More and more protests are taking place, people want the right of true expression- people want the right to be happy. The sad truth is some people feel that happiness can be attained by material gains, while others find happiness through the setting sun, or a flock of birds flying though the horizon on a summers day.

I guess it all depends upon how you look at it, your perception and attitude to the world around you and how you relate to it. It’s one of those things where your not quite sure what the final result will be, where humankind will end up- all we can do is estimate and imagine just what the future will hold. For the sake of the human race I hope the end will bring about a resolution to the sorry state of the world today.

Written By: Jennifer Kunlire aka Truth Whisphers

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