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July 29, 2011

A Passive Aggressive United States Solider Uses Quran in Target Practice

The war in Iraq is confusing for all of us, and I believe that the soldiers are really at a loss when they ask themselves why they are there. However, there have been no drafts, if you are in Iraq as a solider, you signed up for a branch of the armed forces. Every soldier has my prayers and well wishing but being a soldier is a choice. The choice to be a solider is a respectable one however there are a couple of things you can do to make you unrespectable. Using a holy book as target practice is one those things.

An unidentified solider used the Quran as target practice. The person is a sniper for the United States and in the wake of the incident tensions are mounting. At this point it is obvious that no one is really sure where the future of Iraq lies. The people that the United States went to “liberate” have not been that welcoming, possibly because they did not ask to be liberated. This of course makes it difficult to distinguish between liberating and invading.

This tumultuous environment has produced hatred on both sides of the coin. Some soldiers hate the people of Iraq and some of the people of Iraq hate the soldiers. Other soldiers and Iraqi civilians may be on the fence about all of this. They may be observing and monitoring the moves of one another, withholding judgment but when a sniper is practicing shooting and the Quran is the target, that could work to sway a few more opinions to the negative side.

This soldier should be ashamed of himself because he has put all of his fellow soldiers in even more anger than they already were in. What exactly does shooting the Quran mean? The same thing that it means of you shoot the bible or any other holy book. It means that you are showing complete disrespect to those that use the book to practice and study their faith. This is especially bad for US forces because they actually put the more religious group in charge of the Iraqi government when they toppled the previous one. So shooting the Quran, while it is a nasty symbolic gesture to all that hear about it, it is especially detrimental to the relationship between the troops and the Sunnis.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days. This very telling gesture compounded with past indiscretions of a few soldiers could cause a major backlash in a situation where there are minor backlashes on a daily basis. Military officials worked hard to smooth things over in Iraq with a local tribal leader. The solider that shot at the Quran was removed from Iraq, leaving the rest of the troops there to deal with the aftermath. Protests that were scheduled to be held on Thursday were called off after military officials encouraged civilians not to protest due to the threat of insurgents. This war with no end is bringing out ugly things.

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