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August 2, 2011

80,000 May Be Dead In China

80,000 people is hard to imagine but what is harder to imagine is 80,000 people being dead. That is the sad story that is coming out of China. Those in charge of digging people out have diligently worked to get as many bodies and survivors out of the rubble as possible. Miracles have happened and survivors were found long after it was assumed that no one would still be alive. However, the time for live survivors is running out.

The tireless spirit of these troops and police that are digging and searching for life is very admirable. How does one recover after seeing the damage that was done to some of the towns that the earthquake hit? There are entire towns that have been decimated by the earthquake and have no survivors. The concept that there are no survivors in some towns is unthinkable but true.

The destruction and death that has consumed China will pass but the weight of this tragedy must be remembered and learned from. Was there a way to prevent some of these deaths? Was there something that could have been done when constructing the buildings that could have helped lessen the effects of this quake? If the technology is available to build structures that can fair better in an earthquake than China must take advantage of that.

Everyday the death toll takes a large jump. Now as days pile upon days the government is starting to realize that there finding survivors is getting less likely. However, the chance that there are some survivors left in the rubble has not completely left the minds of recovery teams, they still are hoping for miracles.

The sad reality is that a lot of people with have to come to terms with the fact that their loved ones are not coming home. After days of holding out hope the time will come for them to let those hopes go and the mourning will start all over again.

U.N Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stopped in Yingxiu to offer support and reconciliation to Chinese officials. During his visit more aftershocks hit as areas continue to be rocked even though the 7.9 earthquake hit on May 12. Mudslides triggered by the earthquake have transformed the landscape and the areas around mountains lay flattened and covered with rubble.

The residents of the fallen towns are now living in tents. Government officials say they need 900,000 tents to house people in. They have encouraged tent makers around the country to try to mass produce tents. Over 15 million homes were lost in the quake, leaving people huddled along the sides of roads.

Another concern is the threat of other disasters that may occur in wake of the earthquake. Floods, mudslides and aftershocks continue to threaten many people. There is only so much that an be done and moving masses of people is difficult in areas that resemble war torn regions. The trouble of China’s massive earthquake have spread far beyond the initial disaster. The rebuilding process will be a long and strenuous one.

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