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June 30, 2008

80 Pounds Lost Eating McDonald’s

So if your excuse for not losing weight is you don’t have time to eat healthfully, you no longer can use that as an out. A 42 year old man in Virginia has lost 80 pounds eating mostly McDonald’s. He weighed 278 pounds in December and decided that he wanted to be 185 pounds like he was when he married his wife. Their ten year anniversary is this year and Quiton Coleson used that and his two children as inspiration to lose weight. He said that McDonald’s was his choice because it was convenient.

This is proof that even if you have to run to McDonald’s and grab something to eat, you can choose a decent option. There are salads on the menu and other options that are not packed full of calories and fat. Coleson bought mostly salads, wraps and apple dippers without the caramel sauce and the occasional cheeseburger. Over the past six months he has lost 80 pounds and will be only 14 pounds from his goal weight of 185. Although his anniversary is Saturday and he won’t be able to drop that last 14 pounds by that time, he will be well on the way.

So the next time you go through the drive through and think about ordering the chocolate shake and Double Quarter Pounder, reconsider. Realize that no matter where you must dine you can make it out of that situation without gaining weight or choosing something that is fattening or full of calories. Choose the salad may seem boring or unsubstantial but if you eat a well rounded menu everyday, you will not starve if you have a salad. Also, if you are worried about not getting enough calories because you choose a salad, have the salad when you are out and make a small protein packed snack when you get home. Remember that you have control over what goes on your food when you are at home. Restaurants put what they want on food without telling you. Stay in control of your calorie intake by having something like salad that you can control the calories on.

The case will likely be a selling point for McDonald’s. They have fought hard to get rid of the Super Size Me view and rightly so. At the end of the day, there is a broad menu and you could pick healthy options. If you are being super sized by McDonald’s food, it is entirely your fault. First of all, you don’t have to eat there. Second of all, if you do need a meal on the go, buy small stuff. Even if you love McDonald burgers and fries, buy the small sized of these options and having McDonald’s once every now and then will not knock your waist out of shape.

Coleson is a perfect example of someone that is determined to lost weight. If you really want to lose weight you will do it no matter what the circumstances through your way. If you have to eat McDonald’s most of the time, you will go for the healthier options.

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