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July 8, 2008

Uncle Wanted to Use 12 Year Old in A Sex Ring

Whenever I hear about a young child going missing I cringe. I just know that most of the time things are not going to turn out good. However, when they are a little bit older, I have hope that they have just made a questionable decision such as running away or trying to run off with their first love. Unfortunately, Brooke Bennett, a 12 year old who barely looks over ten did not get the chance to make those mistakes that youths often do. Instead her innocence and life were stolen by her uncle.

Brooke’s 42 year old uncle decided to take her and to make her part of sex ring. I don’t know how you could do that to any child, let alone your niece. How do you wake up in the morning and decide that you are going to ruin the live of a young, trusting family member? I don’t know but this monster, Michael Jacques decided to do that. He used the help of his 14 year old relative who he had been molesting since she was 9 to lure Brooke to his house.

What happened after that is still not clear but this little girl’s body has been found. The 14 year old says that she and Brooke watched television together after she lured her to the house. Then the 14 year old and her boyfriend left the house and Jacques took Brooke Bennett upstairs. The 14 year old knew that part of this initiation into this sex ring include having sex with grown men.

As sad as this story is and as sick as this Jacques person is what is sadder and sicker is that there were allegedly other men that were willing to take part in such activities. What is happening in this world that grown men are willing to be a part of a child abuse ring. I know that these things have always happened but it seems like this is becoming more and more a part of our culture.

Last week when the little girl disappeared, the uncle claimed that he had dropped her off at a convenience store where she was supposed to be meeting someone she met on MySpace. The hair stood up on the back of my neck as I listened and shook my head in fear. I had hoped the she had not been meeting some strange pervert. Little did I know, the strange pervert was a part of her everyday existence.

We can not protect children enough these days. There is really just no sure safety net or any people that we can be absolutely sure will not hurt children. It is hard to suspect family members of being sick and dangerous but we must be realistic. Someone always knows about a child molester because someone has been molested. We have to create a level of trust that allows children to speak up when someone has hurt them before the molester escalated to murder. The terrible thing that I am hearing now is that Jacques is a convicted sex offender.

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