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October 2, 2012

Introducing eToro – a one of a kind Social Trading Network

See. Follow. Copy. That’s the promise of eToro’s latest trading innovation – the OpenBook social trading network:

  • See for yourself how the million members of eToro’s community are trading right now
  • Follow the strategies of the top traders and spot new trading opportunities for yourself
  • Copy any trade that you want to, at the click of a button

OpenBook can help countless traders transform their trading for the better.

OpenBook is a giant leap forward for social trading communities because it lets traders interact with each other as never before and use their interaction to deliver real benefits to their trading: live and in real time. Traders can use the OpenBook to share information and tips with each other and to learn new and better approaches to trading. By interacting across the OpenBook network with experienced traders, even absolute beginners can put the knowledge of experienced traders to work in their own trading.

Opportunity For Every Trader on eToro

There’s a lot in the OpenBook that’s suited to every kind of trader, regardless of their level of experience.

  • If you’re an experienced trader you can interact with other trading pros and share knowledge for mutual enrichment.
  • If you’re new to trading or a relative beginner you can pick yourself a guru, follow their strategy and start earning the benefit of their experience by copying their trading action

Click here to learn more and try OpenBook for yourself. A whole world of trading opportunities awaits.

September 22, 2012

eToro Review from a new Forex Trader

Note: Updated on September 30, 2012

There are many people that would like to learn more about Forex trading and get involved in the industry to at least make a few bucks. The main problem is that there are many different brokers on the market today and it is very difficult for a beginner to find one that will actually help them learn the industry.

eToro is one of the most popular and is truly the best for beginners as well as professionals. The main reason is that the interface is not confusing at all and there is expert help for beginners to learn all they want to know and more. eToro offers webinars, ecourses, and even support that are more than willing to help you every step of the way. They even offer a demo account so you can check out the interface and learn to trade before you open an account. The platform used by eToro was created by experts that sell, professionals in currency along with software developers each one adding their expertise to ensure the trader will easily be able to use the platform to their best advantage.

The best part is that you do not have to guess, you can actually use the CopyTrader feature and trade in the same way as one or more Gurus with the ability to change your mind at any time. This will certainly help you learn the industry and as well as learn more about the currencies. The features are not complicated to use and offer one click trading which allows you to have more time to learn more about the industry.

The platforms offered by eToro include WebTrader, OpenBook, and Mobile Trader with each one offering some of the most excellent features available for traders.

The WebTrader is synced with the OpenBook so you can analyze, monitor, and manage your trading. Inside the platform you will find trends, learn techniques to plot resistance levels, and choose from a variety of technical indicators.

OpenBook allows you to use the innovative features known as Guru Finder and Copy Trader. These are some of the best features around offering you the opportunity to find a trading guru and then copy their trading techniques. You even have the opportunity to watch the trading in real time which is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, even when the market is not open. Support is available even on weekends. You can filter the feed so you create your own watch list or decide to keep your eye on the top 100.

Of course, the Mobile Trader is for your Blackberry, Smartphone, iPad, or iPhone and allows you to trade on the go with all the features you need including accessing your OpenBook, live feeds, access trader portfolios, and up to date rankings.

The chat feature is perfect for all traders to learn more and ask questions. This is actually a huge help for beginners as they will be able to receive professional advice from gurus that are making a living with Forex trading.

eToro offers a very unique Education Center with live webinars, education center, ecourse, eToroPedia, 10 trading tips, online trading videos, and broker type. If you happen to want more than just a trading interface, eToro offers all kinds of promotions to help get you started along with contests.

July 15, 2012

eToro Forex Trading Platform – Why Forex Traders like It?

The FOREX (Foreign Exchange) market trades the actual exchange rates between two currencies (i.e. EUR/USD, the value of 1 Euro in US dollars). It is the biggest and most liquid financial market in the world and has a daily turnover of $3 trillion. Unlike other forms of trading which are done in physical locations such as Wall Street, Forex trading is conducted over the phone and online. This is due to the fact that financial transactions are carried out all over the world.

Now, to regular people like me and you, the complexities of the Forex market can be pretty mind-boggling; however thanks to advances in software, it not possible for anyone to get a piece of the action. There are now various software programs (known as forex robots) available that allow you to trade in the same way as a forex broker would. One such program that growing increasingly popular is eToro, but just why do people like it so much?

The popularity of eToro

If there is one thing that puts people off learning more about the forex market it is the constant use of jargon. When something is hard for people to get to grips with they are more inclined to give up – regardless of the lure of money. The outstanding feature that eToro has in its favor is the fact that it is completely jargon free. This use of newbie-friendly language has to be a big reason why the online platform has over 2.75 million users in over 140 countries worldwide.
Whatever your level of experience or invest preferences, eToro aims to advance your abilities, providing you with the tools needed to learn and grow within an active trading community.

Let’s look at some of the features that have made eToro a hit with experienced and green traders alike:

  • Real trading practice. Anyone new to eToro can learn the ropes by using virtual money to trade, giving them a chance to grow as a trader without running the risk of losing any money.
  • Multiple language support. As you can imagine, the forex market trading in currencies all around the world, means that various different nationalities and languages are heavily involved in trading. eToro makes it’s platform easily accessible in numerous languages and is comprehensive to all.
  • Training programs and community services make it possible for anyone to become successful in the forex market, turning those with no knowledge or prior experience in to gurus.
  • Professional support from knowledgeable staff provides users with all the help they need from the second they open an account.

Making it simpler

eToro has made it simple for everyone to trade on the same level regardless of experience and that is why people like it so much. Of course, any application designed for such a purpose will be required to be user-friendly at the very least, but eToro impresses in the way that it interacts with people, the way that people interact with others and the way it approaches the world of forex trading. It also takes what is an often a stressful trading market and makes it one that is an enjoyable experience. You would be surprised by just how hard it is to achieve such simplicity.


The cost of eToro is also a big winner. All it takes is a deposit as little of $50 to get started, and the offer of a first deposit bonus of up to $10,000 is very appealing indeed.

There are numerous ways to make a living online, but eToro rates as one of the genuine, effective and best ways to do so. Little wonder why so many people like it!